how to smooth the rough palms

5 Simple Ways to Smoothen Your Rough Palms!

Do you have a rough palm? For some people would not be confident if their skin palms are rough. Especially when shaking hands with others, surely they feel a little inferior. Therefore, this time I will share some information on how to smooth the rough palms easily. But before knowing how, you must first know the factors that cause your hands to become rough. I will discuss it a bit for you so you know what causes it. Here’s there are!

the causes of rough palms

What factors that cause rough palms?

Friction with hard objects

If you are a hard worker, then it is natural to have a rough palm. The habit of steering without gloves can also be a factor that causes the skin of your palms rough.

Allergic detergent Chemicals in detergent

It is also one of the causes that make our hand’s skin allergic. If you do not match the detergent you use, then your palms will become rough. This usually occurs on sensitive skin. If you have this skin type, you should avoid direct contact with detergent.

Less to drink water

Dehydration can cause dry skin, including the skin of the hand. Dry skin will be susceptible to wrinkles and rough conditions. Therefore, you have much to drink a water.

Then, here the ways how to smooth the rough palms easily. Check below!

natural ways to smoothen your rough palms

Simple Ways to Smoothen Rough Palms

  • Coffee Powder Coffee Scrub

    This method is quite effective as a scrub to remove dead skin cells, including the hardened palms. How to rub a coffee powder that has been mixed with a little water on the palm of the hand, especially on the rough. Allow for 5 minutes for this material to seep into the skin, then rinse with running water. This becomes one of the natural ways to smoothen your hands.

  • Sugar and Honey Sugar

    Those can be used as a scrub for exfoliation of dead skin cells in the palm of the hand. Add a little water for easy treatment. Rub and massage the palms with a mixture of these two ingredients. With regular treatment, the palms become smooth without any calluses.

  • Use Coconut Oil

    This oil is able to smooth the rough skin surface or calluses. Choose coconut oil that does not smell strong. Rub coconut oil on the palm of your hand while massaging it, leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water, without using soap. Let the remaining oil stick to the palm of the hand, because the nutrients in it can smooth the palm of the hand.

  • Use Salt Salt Water

    It’s also a natural way that can be used as a scrub for rough and callous palms. To smooth the palm of the hand, pour salt into a container of warm water. Soak the palms into them, rubbing them for a few minutes. Rinse hands with cold water, use a towel to dry. Apply moisturizing lotion on the palm of the hand, to ease the effects of drought. Perform this treatment at least three times a week.

  • Use Lime

    Lime is often used for skin care. Lime juice water was able to lift dead skin cells on the palm of the hand, thus making the skin smooth again.  This becomes one of the simple ways how to smooth the rough palms easily.

the best adventure offline games

The Best Adventure Offline Games on Android to Play

The Android game category most searched and desirable to play is an Adventure game. This is one genre game that has its own excitement that makes the players really love it. This game category has a long storyline and added a lot of levels, so it can be played continuously without getting bored. Even so, games played in online mode, of course, it will spend a lot of internet quota. This time I will discuss the best adventure offline games on Android that are very recommended to be played by anyone.

You do not need to spend quotas, you can also enjoy the game easily. The following games also become one of the game’s choices that have many selected to play. So what are the games? Look at the following here!

5 Recommended Offline Adventure Games

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer

The Android adventure game without the following internet connection is Subway Surfer. This one game is no stranger to our ears, this game invites you to look for as many coins by running on the train tracks and chased by the police with his dog. This game is a light and exciting adventure game played on Android. You do not need quotas to play it, so you can easily play it anytime.

Temple Run game

Temple Run

The best android adventure game with the best charts is Temple Run. This is an action and adventure game that is almost similar to subway surfers. Similarly, in terms of running for coins and being chased by monsters. It looks so good to make you play this game more and more. This game became one of the best adventure offline games on Android that many teenagers liked.

Limbo game


The other best games with a classic look and 2D. Limbo is an indie game that comes with a creepy and sad storyline. You will be the main character, a young man who goes to the monochromatic world. Your job is to find a lost sister somewhere. With a mysterious, frightening and confusing storyline, making this game into one exciting game that you can play offline on your Android.

punch quest game

Punch Quest

Punch Quest is one of the most popular games, even when this game first appeared on the Play Store. Simple and casual presentations make users feel excited in battles like Metal Slug. Although this game action genre, the adventure in each level make you will not be bored to continue playing and playing. You can also choose a character, jump, hit and do it simultaneously. This game can make players addicted to continue playing it.

baldur's gate game

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Comes with interesting graphics, Baldur’s Gate II become the favorite an adventure game that seems dear if it’s not on your Android device. This game presents adventure to various parts of the world, allowing you to feel the fight in RPG mode with various evil wizards. In addition, Baldur’s Gate II also uses Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system to make the rules in play very interesting. It becomes one of the best adventure offline games options on Android.

roblox online game

Roblox Online Game – The Gameplay + Easy Trick to Get Robux and Tix!

Hello, who does not know Roblox online game? This has become a very booming game lately among teenagers. This game is very exciting to be played. This time I will share a bit information about the Roblox game.  There is a gameplay and easy trick to get Robux and Tix that I want to explain here.

This game will make you addicted to continue to play this is an online game. Every virtual explorer comes to this game play a game, create adventures, role play and etc with their friends. I want to explain a glimpse about a Roblox game, this is one of the online games that you can play only on the website. Here we can build our creativity and imagination with your friends. Every virtual explorer comes to Roblox to play a game, create adventures, role play and etc with their friends. In this game, you can connect with other people who also playing this one. That is why Roblox become the favorite game to be played. Here I would give the review of Roblox online game for the gameplay and the trick. How is it? Let’s scroll down here!

best Roblox gameplay

The Gameplay of Roblox Game

Roblox is an amazing game that looks similar to Minecraft game, this game is launched a few years ago. Although from gameplay this game is much better than Minecraft. This game is very simple and fun, but this gameplay is based on levels, you must finish the play at every level to continue to the next level. You can battle also with millions of players while playing this game. In this game, you also can customize a lot of unique character as yours. Then, you may also custom clothing, gears, hats and other things for your character. But, it’s not easy to get them. You need a Robux and Tix for custom your character. Then, to earn both is not easy guys, but here I will share the simple and best trick which you can follow. Check below!

easy Roblox game trick

How to Earn Robux and Tix Easily?

To get Robux and Tix are not easy actually, I ever think to find the fraudulent trick to get them easily, because it is not easy to collect them for free. Well, this is the important part that you must get in this game. The trick to getting them in this Roblox online game will make your character perfect. You can customize your character and get other equipment in this game by using both here. There are simple ways to earn them, only follow and apply Roblox game hack hereyou will get unlimited crystals to your accountYou will be free customize or get other equipment to customize your character. But remember you will be marked as a robot, but you can restart it around 5 minutes then your account will back normally. The way is very simple but the result was perfect! You have to try this one, guys! Let’s proven by yourself right now! Then, you may share this tool to your friend also, let them feel an amazing result by applying this Roblox online game trick. Good luck!


the best ways to straighten your hair naturally

Quick and Simple Ways to Straighten Your Hair

Having long hair is a dream for every woman, especially if the hair is healthy and shiny. Then, do you know the ways to straighten your hair easily and quickly? If you only know, to do it with rebounding, there is another way you can do. Natural ingredients, yeah, these have been proven to be very safe and the results are also not disappointing. Although it is not instant, if you can do it regularly, surely you will get satisfactory results.

With natural ingredients that you used to make your hair straight, it is guaranteed that your scalp or hair will not be damaged compared to rebond your hair. In addition, the tips to straighten hair in a natural way also won’t spend much your money. You can save the cost to the salon by doing a natural treatment that the results are the same. Then, what are some natural ingredients that can be used to make your hair straight? Scroll down the button now!

5 natural ways to straighten hair

How to Straighten Your Hair?

There are 5 natural ingredients which you can use to straighten your hair. What are they? Let’s see these!

  • Olive oil

This type of oil is famous among chefs or some of you. But other than that this type of oil is beneficial for health, one for the skin and hair. If you use on your hair regularly, believe it your hair will straight naturally. This oil also very easy to get because of it available in mini market or pharmacy.

  • Eggs and Milk

These are a good mixing of natural ingredients that are quite effective as a hair treatment. Both of these ingredients have a variety of nutritional content that can maintain a healthy scalp and straighten hair naturally.
Eggs and milk have a high protein content so that on direct use, especially on a white egg, by doing massage also, it can be absorbed by hair fibers for the nutrients. Regular use will give shape to the hair because the protein from the hair is enough, so it’s easy to be combed to be straight.

  • Aloe vera gel

We know that aloe vera is a good natural ingredient for beauty treatments ranging from face to hair. This is because aloe vera has a very high keratin and collagen content that can strengthen the hair. In addition, aloe vera is able to make the scalp become stronger in holding the roots of hair so that hair is not easy to fall out. The trick is very easy just by rubbing the gel onto your scalp and let stand a few minutes, then rinse. Do this regularly to keep your hair straight and beautiful.
  • Yogurt and white egg

With a variety of goodness of nutrients obtained from yogurt and white eggs, the use of these two ingredients has a weakness in terms of time. If we want to immediately get straight hair, we can’t use this way because in this way must be done patiently and regularly. But, both of these natural ingredients can be used as a natural hair mask. The way by mixing the two ingredients, then apply to your hair then let stand a few minutes and rinse. This is good natural ways to straighten your hair easily.

  • Soy oil

In straightening the hair of soybean oil is used directly by greasing evenly. The content in soybean oil will give a hard taste so that the hair is able to maintain the position in a long time. In the regular use of the hair will get used so easy to set the hair straight.

Let’s use those natural ingredients above as the best ways to straighten your hair naturally!

the best animation movies

6 Recommended The Best Animation Movies Which Have Good Story

Do you like to watch animation movie with your child or friends? As we know that there are lots of movies which have a variety of storyline. But, for the animation film, it is rare to find a good story of the movie itself. Moreover, since a develop a modern era and technology, most producers of the film was created it with 3D. This makes a good quality picture of the film. Then, there are the best animation movies which have a good story and these very recommended to watch.

Many types or genres and option of the best cartoon films we can get. Not only children who like cartoon movies or the latest animated film. Therefore on this time, I would share a bit animation movie which is the best latest animated movie and become the popular one ever.

6 Popular Animation Movies to Watch

up movies


This is another masterwork from Pixar, which is leading the charge in modern animation. UP is an animated film production house production Pixar Animations. It has a fairly unique and educational storyline. About the dream of the Grandfather and Boy Scouts who want to always help others. At first, the grandfather didn’t want to be helped. However, suddenly the house of the Grandfather flew with the house along with the colorful balloons in the house, while the child is still sitting on the porch in fear! This animated film makes us remember our childhood.


 Toy Story

This movie has a series start from Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. This animated film tells the story of the main character Woody the cowboy toys are very dear and loyal to the owner, Andy. Various kinds of problems they have faced. Starting from the split between toys, donated to the playground, until finally bequeathed to neighbor Andy with full emotion. This film can help the children so they can imitate the attitude of Woody who really appreciates and take care of every toy.

ice age

Ice Age

All these series of these films are a success. The film with the storyline in ancient times until the ice age with the main star mammoth (Manny), lemurs (Sid) and lions (Diego). All three involved a variety of problems ranging from finding a human child, dinosaur eggs, meet mammoth females and others. This movie is very fun and funny, so this movie is included in the best animation movies to watch.



The Animation Cars film tells the story of a racing car in finding its true identity. This race car is unstable until he meets senior and former world racing champions who choose to alienate themselves from the frenzy of fame. The film is about a car race movie that has an exciting storyline, especially for children.
despicable me

 Despicable Me (Minions)

The story of the famous criminal Gru who has the ambition to become the evilest. His followers are Minions who very idolize people who have evil nature. Until they meet 3 beautiful girls and change everything. Then, Minions who help Gru in series 2, Despicable Me made its own animated film that was booming enough in the cinema’s homeland as the funniest 3D animation film. This movie was fun to be watched.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

An animated film that tells about one of the fish in the sea that is clown fish (Nemo) who separated from his father. Nemo’s father was trying to find his son who was lost carried away to Australia. Until finally Nemo was re-found and met with his father. This film was listed in the best animation movies of the year.

types of extreme sports

Types of Extreme Sports That You Must Try! Check This Out!

Exercise is indeed an activity or exercise that can nourish the body and make our body fit. There are many types of sports that we can do, ranging from mild to even challenging. However, do you know the types of extreme sports and quite challenging that a lot of devotees? Calm down guys, for those of you who like something strain, try the following exercise here!

5 Extreme Sports Which Fun to Do

rock climbing

1.Rock Climbing

It is a sport that demands physical and mental, one of which tests the climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control. This becomes one of the types extreme sports and proper climbing technique knowledge and the use of special climbing equipment is essential for the safe completion of the route. As climbers we have to equip our physical with prime, using proper climbing techniques, and using the appropriate equipment. Due to the variety and variety of rock formations around the world, rock climbing has been separated into several different styles and sub-disciplines.

surfing sport

2. Surfing

Big wave surfing is the most popular extreme sport in the world and is a test of agility as well as time. Discipline in surfing where experienced surfers paddle or move to waves of at least 6m or more. The size of the waves needed to successfully surf varies on a wave as well as the surfer technique used to reach that wave. A bigger, longer board allows the rider to row fast enough to catch the waves and has the advantage of being more stable, but also limiting the maneuverability and speed of surfing.

base jumping

3. Base Jumping

This sport occupies the top position among the most dangerous sports in the world. It was reported that there was 1 death for every 2,317 jumps. Actually, this sport is almost similar to parachuting just a much shorter landing time, thus increasing the risk of failure of developing a parachute when landing. In the BASE Jumping sport, the athlete called Jumper throws himself off one of the BASE structures. The word BASE itself is widely interpreted as Building, Antenna, Span and Earth which refers to the cliff. Before landing, the parachute should be stretched perfectly for the landing to be safe. If the parachute does not stretch perfectly or fail, then the risk is death.

slacklining sport

4. Slacklining

This includes a hobby that is very challenging and demands high concentration. In this sport, the slacklining player is required to walk on a 1-inch webbing rope strap bound to both sides of the stake points. Nylon webbing rope itself is a rope commonly used in rock climbing sport.
Slacklining can be done anywhere. You don’t have to go down a steep cliff or down the ferocity of a waterfall. Simply tie the strings on two sides of the stake points that can be anything around you, for example, tree trunks, flagpoles, and others. Furthermore, you also don’t need to tie the rope too high. So, set a high rope and adjust to your ability.

wingsuit flying

5. Wingsuit Flying

If you want to feel the sensation of flying in the sky, you’ve tried this sport. Wingsuit Flying is an extreme sport by flying the body in the air using a wingsuit. Wingsuit is an artificial wing of a special jumpsuit designed to fly in the air. To be able to enjoy this sport, the pilots must be at a certain height and then jump free and float in the air while spreading the wings like a bird.

So, which types of extreme sports that you wanna try?

how to overcome your fear of heights

Altitude Phobia – How to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Phobia of altitude, also called acrophobia, this is an excessive fear of altitude. The fear that sufferers suffer from altitude phobia can trigger excessive anxiety, panic, stress and some other symptoms.
A person suffering from this phobia will usually avoid activities associated with high places. If they are in a high place, they will feel anxious and frightened. Therefore, you should know tips how to overcome your fear of heights for yourself.

This irrational fear can be both beneficial and detrimental. The benefit is, if we are fear, this is prevent us from doing things that can be harmful. But people who have altitude phobia will experience a sense of extreme panic or anxiety. Phobia altitude can be cured with therapy, but before that let us know some of the causes of the phobia of this height below.

Causes of Altitude Phobia

You should know that many different factors can trigger the occurrence of phobia at altitude. What are the causes of acrophobia, including:
  • A traumatic event

Most phobias at altitude occur because of past traumatic factors of the sufferer. Perhaps the previous sufferer had fallen from the high ground and left a tremendous pain and hard to forget.
  • False beliefs

False beliefs occur because a person often confirms that high places will always be dangerous. Yet not forever confidence like that is true. Being in a high position or not, if not careful would be dangerous. Therefore the wrong understanding will actually make us misunderstandings.

  • False Parenting Patterns

It is possible that Phobia sufferers to height were formerly cared for by parents who always frightened him about the high ground. The purpose of parents is to keep the child from playing on high ground, but it turns out wrong way of delivery will affect the psychological condition of children in the future

how to cure altitude phobia

How to Fight Your Fear of Heights

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy with desensitization techniques can be an option to overcome fear. This therapy is done by exposing the patient to a condition that makes him feel afraid and anxious gradually. The patient is then directed to be more calm and taught how to deal with these fears. Therapy like this is considered effective to reduce anxiety when the patient is in real condition. This is also one of the best way how to overcome your fear of heights.

Familiarize yourself with fear

After the therapy, the patient must still train themselves to overcome his fears while in a situation that makes him anxious related phobia experienced. Slowly this can help you to tackle the ketik at altitude.

Reframing therapy

Phobia sufferers are told to imagine back to the past where the beginning of the sufferer can experience altitude phobia. As he reminisced, motivate himself that in fact everyone can experience like him but managed to get out of his fears. Motivation is done repeatedly will nurture confidence as well as arouse courage back.

Virtual therapy

This therapy uses the help of computer technology to visualize something feared by phobic sufferers through the creation of a reality-like environment. Some studies show, this way more effective to reduce and reduce anxiety experienced by alpha phobia sufferers.

Hopefully, you already know some therapy how to overcome your fear of heights from this article!

countries with unique facts

5 Countries with Unique Facts that They Have in the World – Let’s Know It Here!

What countries with unique facts that make it look interesting? In this world, there are some countries that have a diversity both from tradition and uniqueness that became his trademark. The simplest habits they do and become part of their lives can be said to be unique and interesting facts. Maybe some of you think that the country that exists in this world have no unique facts. However, there are some countries that keep or even have strange and interesting facts that make this country known to many people.

The tradition or uniqueness of this country is true. There are some things we do not know that you can find here. This certainly makes a lot of people curious. So, what countries that have interesting and unique facts? Check this out below!

5 Countries That Have Uniqueness

Tradition of Borrowing Wives in India

The primitive Indian beliefs that glorify the boys and deny the birth of women lead to the lack of both gender. This creates a moral contradiction, which is to share wives with siblings. This happens in the north of India, precisely in Baghpat district. This is included in a list of 5 countries with unique facts in the world.

The uniqueness of France

The funny fact about France is that beer which considered a luxury drink kept for a special occasion, while wine is cheaper until it appears almost in every meal.
Then, the French also have a distinctive style of eating called French Style. This diet is very slow, it’s not lazy, but they feel enjoy what is in the meal. Second, eat on time no matter already hungry or not. In addition, it also has good benefits for the body because digestion will work well.

Foot Binding or Binding Feet

This is one of the traditions to stop the growth of women’s legs of antiquity that occurred in China. This tradition has brought great suffering to Chinese women at that time. Foot binding usually starts from a child between four and seven years of age.
The binding of the foot is done by tightly wrapping the legs with a ten-foot-long, two-inch wide cloth, folding four toes to the bottom of the foot and pulling the toes on the heels. This makes the legs become shorter.
This also makes the blood cycle not smooth so it can make the leg meat become rotten and the feet can secrete pus. The smaller a girl’s feet the more beautiful she will be.

Do not use the Fan in South Korea!

Residents in South Korea believe in the curse of a fan. When you sleep in a closed room with a fan, they believe that your life will not last long. This sounds very strange, but South Koreans believe this. This includes something unique and strange, the country is also included countries with unique facts in the world.

The Kayan Burma Thai Beauty Tradition is Unique

Kayan tribe is between Burma and Thailand has unique beauty standards. Kayan women who have long and long necks will be considered beautiful by the men. Therefore, from the age of 5, Kayan’s daughters were given metal necklaces that we’re getting older as they grew older. Apart from being a beauty mark, the number of metal necklaces that extend their neck also shows social status. This is part of countries with unique facts in the world.
beautiful wedding cakes

Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Completing Your Best Moment In Life!

We have to prepare a good planning for our wedding. If you are looking for the best wedding theme for your special moment in life, especially for wedding cakes, here there are! There are beautiful wedding cakes designs which Roowedding website offer to you. Today I would like to give you a review about the cakes on this website. This becomes the important part which can make your wedding reception perfect.

For you who still don’t have the ideas for your wedding cake designs, you can find it here. On this web, there was explain good details of a wedding cake start from topping until the design itself. Who knows after you see this one, you will get a lot of inspiration. Do not wait so long, let’s take a look the best wedding cake designs here!

The Best 3 Wedding Cakes with Unique Topping

We know that many wedding website which serves a variety of wedding plans such wedding decor, dress, bouquet, and cake. Therefore, as brides, you must be smart and careful while choosing a cake design for your wedding. If you want to make it looks awesome, you should take a look what kind of the best beautiful wedding cakes ideas here which has a variety of unique and chic topping on it. What are they? Here I take some example of wedding ideas on a Roowedding website. Let’s check this out!

rustic wedding cake

Rustic Wedding Cakes

When I see this website, then I check wedding cakes here, rustic wedding cakes design also become the popular and the best wedding cake design that every bride choose for their moment. If you want to celebrate with classic and rustic theme for a wedding, this wedding cake was perfect to be chosen, it’s more fitted with your wedding concept. A florist and greenery garnish on it are the topping which can make this cake looks beautiful. You will see a beautiful and awesome cake design with a brilliant idea that wedding organizer was offered here.

unique wedding cake

Unique topping for wedding cake

Choose your favorite design for your wedding cake that can present something different. Unique wedding cakes with a creative and attractive design are great ideas for your wedding. You can custom your favorite character or design for the cakes. This wedding cake will look beautiful because of the creative idea that applies to this cake. The concept is presenting a beautiful look which very perfect for your wedding cake design. Your wedding will look charming and outstanding. A unique topping on it make the cake looks attractive and adorable.

winter wedding cakes

Winter Wedding Cakes Ideas

For the winter season, there is also beautiful wedding cake that matches with the theme. A cake with snowflake and icicles for the topping will make this winter wedding cake looks chic. On Roowedding, you will see the uniqueness which serves to this wedding cake, especially for winter season. It also complete with a beautiful garnish or topping that can support this wedding cake idea.

That’s all the beautiful wedding cakes ideas that Roowedding website presents special for you! Have a nice day

Stunning Apartment Designs on Roohome Which Really Breathtaking You!

Are you looking for an apartment with a gorgeous and awesome design? What kind of design that you dream for renovate your flat? If you still don’t have an idea about it, calm down guys, there are stunning apartment designs on Roohome website that offer for you. When you visit and look at this website, who knows you can find the best design that makes you interested.

Roohome has a lot of an outstanding design start from home to the other interiors, but on this time I would like to share an apartment design that I really love. I’m so falling in love with all of the Roohome design, especially for the apartment interior design. You have to see a variety of striking apartment designs on it. Now, I want to give a bit review about them which will breathtaking you. Keep on reading!

5 Gorgeous Apartment Designs with an Attractive Decor

There are 5 designs which make me interested want to apply for my residence. Most of you who still confused for renovating your apartment, you have to see this one! It really helps you to get an inspiration.

urban apartment design idea

If you have an idea for a Swedish or European design, it’s possible to decorate or renovate your flat with urban style design. These designs reflect a simple but modern look, your apartment becomes more beautiful and attractive because of the combination between Scandinavian and urban concept design. For more details let’s check by yourself!

contemporary apartment design

This becomes the most popular design that everyone chooses for their residents to have a modern look. The concept identically using of wooden accents, big windows, open plan area, and modern feature inside. For you who are looking for trendy design, this is one of the right choices for you. One of stunning apartment designs like this will give a different and outstanding look for your apartment.

industrial apartment design

Besides those two designs above, designing your apartment with an industrial style also a great idea. The design a quite similar into a modern and trendy design, but to distinguish the design, this concept utilizes an industrial furniture or features such aluminum, metallic, or irony design for the completing the space. It makes your flat looks unique and attractive.

luxury apartment design

If you having a spacious apartment, it’s better to apply a luxury apartment concept which can exploit all of the room splendidly. Your flat will look so larger and awesome because of an outstanding design that applies in. With a luxurious thing and sophisticated decor, those can support a luxury look that you want to create for your flat.

Scandinavian apartment design ideas

The last one, this design is quite similar to an urban apartment design but it looks more simple. An open plan concept is very identical to this design. With a wooden and beautiful decoration, those are perfect for decorating the whole room. Scandinavian style always applies a neutral color for the main color that makes this space awesome.

So, based on those 5 stunning apartment designs above, which one do you prefer?