How to Design a Monochrome Dining Room – A monochrome dining room can be a bold, imposing and striking look. However, it can also look a little too cold and unwelcoming.

Makes a Room Feel More Grounded and Calming

To ensure your monochrome room isn’t overwhelmed, we suggest adding areas of bare white space to break up the color scheme and to give the eye a chance to rest. When designing a monochrome dining room, natural timber can help temper the colour palette. Wood panelling, a wooden table or even a timber dining chair can make a space feel more grounded and calming.

In this dining room, a natural timber floor complements the white walls and window trim to create a warm and welcoming space. The furniture is simple and classic with a relaxed Scandi style that works well for the space. For a more sophisticated look, soft dove grey is a good alternative to white for an off-white backdrop that can work really well in a monochrome dining room. The subtle hue is a perfect backdrop for muted accessories and soft furnishings, such as cushions, throws or rugs.

A contrasting black window frame provides a practical platform for decorative ornaments and artworks to hang, while adding a bold statement to this classic room. It also gives the room depth and a grounding feel to large dining spaces. While monochrome palettes can be quite minimalist, adding some pops of colour can really break up a space and add a little life to your decor. Striking framed prints, coloured glass vases and indoor plants work to add depth and character.

The Easiest Way to Get a Monochrome Look

Texture and pattern are also key to achieving depth within a monochrome colour scheme, so consider using nubby or loosely woven fabrics along with smooth, velvety materials for your upholstered furniture and accessories. Juxtapose these textures with natural timbers or woven natural fibres, like rattan, for a more tactile approach. One of the easiest ways to achieve a monochrome look is to stick with just one shade of a primary color. Then, curate a collection of accent pieces that match the tone, creating a cohesive design.

Monochrome rooms often feel flat and sterile, so adding texture and pattern is key to creating visual interest. Texture and pattern can come in the form of artwork, textiles, and furniture pieces. If you’re designing a monochrome dining room, try adding in organic elements like boxwood centerpieces and a bold stripe fabric on your chairs. These contrasting details will bring warmth and contrast to the space without making it look too busy or overwhelming.

Another easy way to add a little more depth and texture to your monochrome design is to use accent colors. For instance, a purple monochrome can be made more elegant with a rich, jewel-green accent tone. Similarly, black monochrome can appear sleek and modern when paired with white. The two colors can also create a feeling of drama and mystery, especially when paired together with the right amount of contrast.

Creates a Sense of Harmony and Balance in Any Room

One of the most timeless trends, monochrome interiors are all about a streamlined color scheme that focuses on a single tone. This simple approach has a way of creating a sense of harmony and balance in any room, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated look that feels distinctly yours. To help achieve a well-rounded look, stick to tones that complement each other and incorporate accent colors for added interest. For example, a blue monochrome scheme can be made more vibrant by incorporating a pop of yellow.

When designing a monochrome space, determine whether the mood you want to create is calming or bold and energetic. These moods will dictate the hues you choose, so make sure to think about this when selecting your palette. To add a little extra sass, go for a high-toned tile that accentuates an architectural feature in the room. For instance, a marble effect ascent wall in a white monochrome dining room can serve as the perfect focal point without taking away from the rest of the space.

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