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The college essay help is a critical part of the application process.Heyku.me – is open for traveling, hotel, and health guest post submission. You can now write for us based on your interests. We will publish your article as soon as we approve it and you have followed our guidelines. This website can be your home because you are our author, and it would be an honor to have you on our team.

Since our site is open for the public to guest post submissions, take this chance to develop yours. We offer you a win-win solution that is mutually beneficial. Let’s take a look below and know what to do for submitting guest posts and join us.

Why Doing Travelling, Hotel, and Health Guest Post Here?

The reason you should write for us about traveling, hotel, and health guest post here, is you can receive lots of benefits such as traffic. Then, it can also boost your site’s rank. Your site’s keyword would have good visibility than before. FYI, we have around 90k visitors each month with a 67% returning rate and 29% bounce rate. We can ensure that doing guest post submission here would be something important for every website owner.

In general, guest posting will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Brand building and awareness. Writing guest posts can help to build your name and increase your brand awareness. This also helps people know who you are and what you offering.
  • Increasing authority and credibility. After you get known as an expert in your industry, you’ll begin to have credibility. Furthermore, when you publish content on a high authority site, getting backlinks from doing that, your site authority would be increased too.
  • Establishing expertise in your niche. By writing for high authority sites more and more in the same field as you, it would progressively give experience and establish your expertise. It would also help to develop your portfolio as an author.
  • Providing backlink opportunities for SEO. Sometimes, doing guest posting is to get some quality backlinks from reputable websites. Those backlinks are used to improve your site’s SEO.
  • Driving new traffic to your site. Another important benefit of writing guest posts is getting more visitors which can increase your traffic.
  • Boosting your ranking site on search engine pages (SERPs). No doubt again, doing guest posts properly would increase your site’s ranking in search results.
  • Building your online presence and social media. Writing a guest post is a great way to become promotional media to increase your online presence and followers on social media.

Guest Post Submission Requirements

Guest posts can also be profitable if you have a website as they can drive visitors to your website without thinking about promotion costs. However, you have to follow our guidelines when you want to submit a guest post as we do not accept if it is related to an affiliate or other promotional purposes. Anyway, here are some guidelines and requirements to follow.

  1. An informational article must have value to our users. You have to give us informative content/articles which well researched and written properly in English.
  2. No promotional purpose, we just accept informative and factual articles/content.
  3. We prefer to acquire high-quality content of at least 700+ words or more.
  4. You have to write genuine content that is free of plagiarism. We would disqualify those who send us copy-paste or republished content even if it comes from your own site. And remember, if you submit your content here, you have no right to publish it elsewhere without our permission.
  5. For content format, always contain heading, subheadings (H1, H2, H3, etc.), bullets/numberings, and more if you want to write good quality articles. Importantly, the headline should deliver the content you write.
  6. Preferred if your content is completed with some images/videos or graphics that are appropriate to your content. This would increase your content value too. And if you take media from outside resources, make sure to add citations and include the reference.
  7. For the linking rules, we just allow up to 2 outbound links that are trustworthy and credible in your content. You can also use up to internal links from our site.
  8. Better if you can write for us content that can support our posts. So, we suggest you visit our site first and knowledge about our style. You can get inspiration to write content from doing it.
  9. Always create SEO-optimized articles/content for us. Give keywords with the anchor phrases that flow naturally in any paragraph you write. Besides that, use a casual tone that’s structured to easy to read.

Topic Categories for Guest Posts on Our Site

After you know our requirements about guest post submissions, the important that you need to be always mindful of is topic categories. If you would like to submit your guest post. You can check what categories are being accepted here.

  1. Tips
  2. Tutorial
  3. Home Design
  4. Wedding Design
  5. Insurance
  6. Traveling
  7. Tour & Travel
  8. Hotel Promotion
  9. Games
  10. Makeup
  11. Body Building
  12. Lifestyle
  13. Health
  14. Finger Joint

For note. We wouldn’t accept content unrelated to our site qualifications and categories. Then, we also have the right to make editing proses before publishing your guest post. So if you want to rise your opportunity to get accepted here, keep following our guidelines and always double-check them.

Submission Procedure

What are you waiting for? to have more benefits for guest posting, incorporate with us right now. Let us know if you are interested and you can submit your article right away when you have done writing it. Do not hesitate to contact us through the form below.

    You can also get in touch regarding this guest post submission at submission@heyku.me. We would review your submission first to determine whether it fits on our site or not. And if we decide to publish it, you will get an email to revise your articles. It will be done within a week.

    We’ll share your articles with the global community and help to develop your site. So take your opportunity by sending your submission here.

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