How to Create a Victorian Living Room – Victorian living rooms are opulent and classy. They feature rich gold tones, elegant furniture and plenty of patterned decorations.

A Popular Choice That Provides Warmth and Neutrality

Choose a light color scheme that can be easily updated to modernize your space. Sage green is a popular choice that provides warmth and neutrality. Incorporate decorative mirrors with ornate carved frames to add depth and sophistication. Hang ancestral portraits and framed prints to create a classic aesthetic.

Adding an elegant cornice along the edges of your ceilings will bring a touch of Victorian opulence to your room. Paint it a bold accent colour like sunshine yellow to really make it stand out or keep it neutral for a subtle effect. Dark shades were a major design feature in the Victorian era, so if you’re willing to be bold, then dark walls are definitely for you. Emerald greens, rich sapphire blues and ruby reds are a great choice, but lighter cream and ivory shades also work well.

Victorians loved patterned wallpaper, so look for ones with intricate damask or floral motifs. Pair them with neutral or natural-toned curtains and other accessories to create an eye-catching vignette. A traditional fireplace with an imposing mantel is often a focal point in Victorian living rooms. Ensure you preserve this element and dress it up with classic decor items that capture the style.

The Luxurious Victorian Aesthetic Is Known for Its Luxurious Fabrics and Textures

The opulent Victorian aesthetic is known for plush fabrics and textures, so opt for sofas with tufted details and textured curtains. Oxford Homeware’s range of velvet and brocade cushions, throw blankets, and pillowcases can help you create this rich atmosphere. Incorporate built-ins like an entertainment center or bookcase to store electronics, books, and decorative accents, keeping them organized with coordinating vignettes. Displaying fresh flowers and plants will also tie your space together.

Victorian bay windows create a stunning focal point for any room, and these unique features deserve the very best treatment. Traditional shutters are ideal for these style of windows, adding an elegant finish whilst providing many practical benefits. Consider a tier-on-tier style to give the greatest amount of control. This design allows you to open the bottom and top sections independently, reducing light exposure or letting in more air as desired.

Window shutters were not just decorative elements nailed to the side of homes historically – they served an important purpose too. They reduce drafts around windows, preventing cold air from entering the home and warm air escaping. Victorians loved all things shiny and shimmery so golden hues work well in this aesthetic. Embellishments and décor polished in gold shades add a sense of grandeur to the room.

A Great Choice for a Victorian-Inspired Living Room

Incorporate patterned wallpapers with floral or damask designs to add an authentic Victorian feel to the space. Layer different fabrics through curtains, cushions and throws. Oxford Homeware has many options that fit the bill. A striking chandelier is a must for any Victorian living room. Wall sconces and table lamps with ornate bases are also great accent pieces. Hang framed ancestral portraits and paintings on the walls along with decorative mirrors with wood-carved frames. The Victorians were big on decorative accents, so look for rich jewel tones and textured fabrics. Look for floor-length curtains with tassels and a patterned rug that hints at the past. Victorian-style furniture usually has rounded edges, so consider replacing angular pieces with these. Accent chairs with tufted details are also a great choice for Victorian-inspired living rooms.

Incorporate home accents like ornate picture frames, decorative trays, and antique vases. Display them in groupings to create visually appealing vignettes. You can even add natural elements to your living room to give a nod to the Victorians’ love of nature. Victorians adored jewel tones like browns, dark reds and dark greens that symbolized wealth and power. Embrace these intense hues to create a richly decorative space. Alternatively, contrast them with lighter shades to balance the intensity.

Feature built-in shelving and cabinets to display antiques, fine china and cherished heirlooms. This will also give your living room a sense of grandeur and luxury. Look for furniture pieces carved in intricate details and decorated with tassels and fringe to bring out your Victorian-inspired living room ideas. You can also embrace gold finishes and other shimmering metals in your decor scheme to add visual opulence. Incorporate a deep picture shelf like Ikea’s Mosslanda to show off wall art and your favourite home accessories. If you wish to send your article to heyku, you can check out this page!

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