side effects of too much protein

Side Effects Of Too Much Protein In Your Body – What Are The Dangers?

Protein is indeed one of the nutrients that can help provide energy in our body. However, do you know the side effects of too much protein? This is what we must understand and know it. Do not think this is a trivial thing, you should also pay attention to it for your health.

The amount of protein that suits the body will be the support for our body’s health. Some food sources containing protein are obtained from meat, eggs, fish, all dairy products, nuts, and various grains. Proteins can also be obtained from vegetable sources such as broccoli, and other vegetables. It also becomes an important part of calorie calculation for our body. However, excessive consumption of protein sources for the body can also pose a risk. What are the side effects of too much protein? Look at the things below, this is some important information you should know.

The Dangers of Consuming Excess Protein

  • Overweight

    Good amount of protein will help the body stay healthy, but if consuming too much protein then it can cause weight increase. In 1 gram protein contains about 4 calories which mean that the number of calories will increase when protein consumption also becomes higher. Because it is necessary to limit the amount of daily protein to fit the needs of the body. It could also be the cause of one of obesity.

  • Osteoporosis

    As a result of a large amount of protein digestion, there is an increase in acid production. Our bodies remove acids with the help of calcium. Along with the time, the amount of calcium in the bone decreases so that causes the bones become weak and porous. Adding calcium can help reduce the side effects of high-protein diets to some extent.

  • Trigger Cancer & Kidney Disease

    Protein is a nutrient that should not be consumed excessively, this is because when someone consumes more protein than needed by the body, then the excess will be converted into sugar and fat. Increased blood sugar levels in addition to triggering diabetes can also feed the pathogenic bacteria, fungi and encourage the growth of cancer cells. In addition, when consuming too much protein, the body must remove more nitrogenous waste products from the blood, it suppressing the kidneys.

  • Causes Dehydration

    Dehydration or lack of fluids can be one of the major health problems for people who consume too much protein. Dangers of excess protein will make the body do more tough work, especially for the construction of body tissues. This is what causes the consumption of protein will make the body needs water in large quantities. High protein consumption without the right amount of mineral water will cause dehydration.

  • Dangerous to the brain

    Excessive protein intake can be harmful to the health of our live, brain and nervous system. When consuming excess protein then the liver will work too hard, so that ammonia and other toxic substances can develop in the bloodstream. This can lead to encephalopathy, a condition characterized by decreased brain and nervous system function.

You already know what the side effects of too much protein, right? Indeed this is a good source of energy, but if you consume it in excess amount this will be very dangerous. To keep you healthy, consume enough and not to exceed the limit. That’s all a few information about the risk of consuming much protein that I can share with you. I hope this is very useful enough ūüôā

the benefits of smiling

The Benefits of Smiling That Affect For Our Health – You Should Know It!

A smile is the easiest thing for us to do. It turns out that there are the benefits of smiling which give a big impact on our health. Do you already know in advance? Apparently, this is what we do is bring a very good advantage for our bodies. Thus, if you do not already know, immediately refer to the following matters.

Various ways can be done to express our mood that we felt. Some expressions that can be done is by crying, laughing, smiling, surprised, and so forth. One form of expression of feelings is a way to smile. Smiling is one of the most romantic expressions of feelings. Smiling that located between laughter and silence will look elegant and discreet. Did you know that a smile is one activity that magical and amazing because it has so many benefits? What are the benefits of smiling that we can feel for ourselves?

Smile apart as things which are revealed to show happiness and also show hospitality to others, even it was had a variety of benefits that affect our health, of course. What are they? Let us look at the following things below. There are the surprising reasons of smiling that we must know it.

Why is Smiling Good For Us?

Extend our life

Although we believe that the age of a person is already determined by God since we still in the womb, but some are saying that many smiles can prolong a person’s age. This smile is not to supplement the lifetime or age but shows how people live their lives. At least a smile is the most powerful way to cope with your stress.

Creating a more attractive appearance

Creating a more attractive appearance is one of the direct benefits that will be felt when someone smiles. Generally, a person will be attracted to another person when the person is smiling. The person who always smiling will give a positive impression to the people around them. In addition, people who are always smiling have a different aura and has its own charm.

Reduce our stress

One of the powerful benefits of a smile is able to relieve stress. This stress will be reduced accordingly. This is because a smile can give a positive aura for us. And a smile can make the muscles in our face moved so that it can also be used as a mild facial gymnastics.

Stimulate others to be smiling

When we smile then we will spread goodness and also cast a positive aura to the people around us. When we smile to others, then the people that we smiled it will feel happy and we cultivate good mood to them. This results in that make the person will turn give a smile to us also.

Cause people to think positively (positive thinking)

A smile would make a lot of people have a positive mind so that he would avoid negative thoughts. Therefore a smile can bring a positive aura to yourself. Therefore, this is good for us, we can always think positive and automatically it will make us always happy and avoid stress.
So, do you already know the benefits of smiling for our body and life, right? Give your best smiling to the people around you, then this will make them also feel appreciated. With a smile will bring a good impact without noticing. It is also the easiest things we can do that brings many benefits.
The Positive and Negative Effects Of Playing Online Games

The Positive and Negative Effects Of Playing Online Games For Your Life

Online game is very much loved to play by many people. Who does not know the gaming online? Everyone would know and even playing this one. But it turns out, there are the positive and negative effects of playing online games. What are they?

A game is a medication to relieve a boredom, saturation and so on. With the advancement of technology in today’s many people trying to find and download games from a computer or mobile phone. Online game is a kind of computer game which utilizing the internet to play, online games can be accessed directly from the company’s system to the connoisseurs of the game through the internet. It also can be played together and communicate directly with fellow players in the same game. Online games are simple and the most complex was also available even easy to obtain.

But do you know the positive and negative effects of playing online games? You need to find out here. Look at the following things below!

The Positive Effects Of Playing Online Game

1.Increasing the concentration

The ability to concentrate on online game players will increase because they have to accomplish several tasks, look for gaps that may be impassable and monitor the way of the game. The more difficult a game it is increasingly required a high level of concentration.

2. Improving the ability to speak English

A study found that gamers have the English language skills are better despite not taking a course at school or college age. This is because many storylines narrated in English and sometimes they chat with other players from different countries.

3. Improving knowledge about computers

To be able to enjoy a game with excellent image quality, the online game players will try to find information about the specifications of the computer and internet connection that can be used to play the game. Because the active computer users will also learn the troubleshooting of a computer system.

4. Improve hand-eye coordination

Some research stated that people who play games 18 hours a week, or about two and a half hours per day may increase the coordination between eye and hand. Because when they play, they need a lot of concentration to balancing between the eyes and hand.

5. Reading speed train

The online game players will read any instructions that come faster. Thus, it making the gamers should be able to follow it quickly. It will train the ability to read quickly the player’s game.

The Negative Effects of Playing Game Online

1. All Things Forgotten

Sometimes gamers lose track of time while playing the game. They also sometimes forget to eat, drink and exercise. This can cause the body susceptible to disease but could have been the person fond of eating, it is still a lack of activities undertaken fitter body less impact in the future due to lack of smooth metabolism. Monitor the emitted radiation can also damage the eyes and nerves, it is evident common games players who often use glasses.

2. Decreased socialization

Online game is as addictive as the game is required to do a lot of things to keep up with the others. With the demands of all, it is usually take more time-consuming of the game that they love. As a result, they just enjoy the solitude in front of the game. This can have negative consequences for social life.

3. Creating a damaged eye

Staring at the screen for hours to play the game, of course, will make our eyes watery or hurt. In fact, if too often, our eyes can will get a minus or plus, and we have to use glasses. Then the people who often play games will make their eyes were damaged.

4. Become lazy

Playing the game will make us forget everything. We only focus on the game that we play. We will lazy for working or doing their jobs. It would be very dangerous for us even our employment or education.

So, you already know that playing online games will bring any risk or benefits for us, right? For you who still playing it everytime, better you decrease it. You must know the positive and negative effects of playing online games like the following things above.

the effects of smoking

Effects Of Smoking On Your Body | Healthy Life

For those of you who like to smoke, this is a very dangerous that you have to aware of your health. Do you know a harmful of the effects of smoking? For those of you who do not know this, you should immediately look for the impact of smoking on your body! This is the important thing that you must know before you consume it!

Smoking is very popular and which¬†done by most of the people, especially men. On this occasion, I would like to tell you an information about it. Indeed, the physical glimpse of the cigarette is not harmful, but if you know the composition within it, you will definitely be surprised. If you smoke constantly, this will make a person’s physical or condition deteriorated and dangerous. Therefore, I would like to give a review of the effects of smoking on a person. Several studies and medical experts have to prove themselves. What are they? You may take a look below!

The Dangers Effects of Smoking For The Body

  • The digestive system is disturbed
    Toxins in cigarette will erode the stomach lining and make digestive enzymes are not able to function properly. That is why heavy smokers have difficulty for digesting food. This is very danger for our body because it will make our body not healthy.
  • Smokers have an increased chance of getting stomach cancer or ulcers.
    Smoking can weaken the muscle that controls the lower end of your gullet (esophagus) and allows acid from the stomach to travel in the wrong direction back up your gullet, a process known as reflux. Smoking is a significant risk factor for developing kidney cancer, and the more you smoke the greater the risk.
  • Damaging our DNA
    Finally, smokers also damage the DNA in the body’s system. The nature of the damage is not known in detail until now. So that smoking is not only to destroy your health, but also threatening the future of your descendants.
  • Damaging the sense of taste
    If you are a heavy smoker, there is a possibility that you will lose flavor in the taste of food immediately. Therefore, smokers tend to like spicy food without complaining about the taste because their senses are dead. This is not good for your body because your dietary habit will not good.
  • The effects of tobacco smoke on the male and female body
    There some risk for lower sperm count, a higher percentage of deformed sperm and genetic damage to sperm. For the female, there are some risk such menopause reached one or two years earlier and increased risk of cancer of the cervix.
  • Hair loss
    Heavy smokers will get a high risk for hair loss and lead to premature baldness. The case is mostly experienced by men who used to smoke for a long time. For that, you should decrease your smoke to avoid the effects of smoking which very dangerous.
  • Dehydration
    Smoking also affects the fluid balance in the body. So smokers will be more frequent and more drinking than others. For a long-term impact of dehydration itself were dry lips, dry skin, and urinary tract disorders. For that, people who are smoking will get tired quickly.

Make your body keep a healthy and long life! Let’s stop your smoking from right now and do the best daily healthy life! Reduce the effect of smoking to make your life without suffering any diseases. Hopefully, this article are useful for you!

calm mind effects

Calm Mind Effects – Makes Our Activities More Fun!

Hello guys, welcome back to my daily website. Today, I would like to share calm mind effects which hopefully this very useful to be read. I don’t know what I would like share on my blog, I don’t have any idea or tips for shared. Therefore, in this time I just want to share some information based on my experience. For you who still confused to do any activities. This is the right choice for you to read my article.

If a turmoil over to you, of course, it will make our mood down and lazy to do something, right? Thus, the only way to avoid those problems, we should have a calm and peaceful mind. If our mind is calm, it’s possible if we will be happy and relaxed in doing something. It turns out, that calm mind effects have a lot of advantage for our body and life. Do you want to know what are they? Here, I have some info which I share it with you. You must read this because maybe it can help open and solve your problem. Let’s check the benefits of calm mind below!

Calm Mind Effects Bring You a Happiness

Most of the people surely won’t be happy if they have some trouble in their life. To avoid you from those, you should have a calm mind which makes your activities more fun. This is important for us, because while our mood down, what I can do? We will feel bored and stress. That’s why you could see these calm mind effects which give a lot of benefit for us.

  • If our mind relaxed, it will raise our mood. To make us happy, this becomes one of those parts which can bring happiness to us. When our mood was bad, surely we need a mood booster to restore our mood.
  • Make your body and mind calm without thinking any problem. Save your time to do an enjoy an activity, don’t think a something which makes you stress and restless.
  • A calm mind is important to make a good feeling. It makes us easy to focus while doing something. When we busy, definitely it’s so difficult to think or focus. For that, you have to calm your mind, so you can finish your job quickly.
  • Calm your mind by eliminating your fatigue. Avoid the negative thoughts that may inhibit your mindset. By doing that, you will easily do something that you want. You are free to do some activities.
  • You may relax your mind by doing fun and exciting activities. This will make your spirit rise up and your mood will be back normally (good mood). Do these things will avoid you from turmoil and stress in your life.

Don’t make your life becomes a burden. Do the things that can make your life more spirit. Avoid things that are negative, then always think positive which bring a good effect to you. So, that’s a little bit review of the calm mind effects which I can share it with you. Hopefully, by reading this, it can petrify you. Calm your mind from now guys! so that you can do lots of fun activities in order to gain happiness and get good effects of positive thinking.