warframe review

Warframe Review || an Amazing Free to Play Online Game on PC!

We are sure you know how great this game. Although this one is free, it can offer you a lot of excitement. For people who already played it will have the same opinion as us. And for the one who never played it, we have Warframe review which you can see right away.


We are sure all of you think this is a robot game because you can see the character look exactly like a robot. Actually, it is not. All the characters in this game wear an armor called Warframe in order to fight. This action game is really something. You will surprise can play this game for free, what you need only internet connection. This game use mission-based system. So, in order to progress further, you need to clear certain mission. Of course, there are also side quests which you can do to get an exclusive reward.

Multiplayer Mode

The reason why we played this game because of this mode. It is really exciting to play this game together with your friends. All enemies easy to beat and If your health in danger, your teammates can heal you. Invite your friends and beat the boss together. Remember, you need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection or you will disconnect from the mission immediately. All the reward you get will go away forever.

Many Weapon to Use

This game feature many weapons to use such as gun, sword, scythe, and so on. Choose the one which suits your style the best. Each enemy also has different weakness against your weapon. If you can, master all the weapon and you will become the champion in the game. This is the dream of everyone who played the game.

warframe gameplay

Our Thoughts

This is a great game without a doubt. Everyone can enjoy it without any problem. From the graphics aspects until gameplay, this game really outstanding. As for the score, we give it 85. Indeed a great game needs to have a good score. The only problem in this game only the internet connection. If you do not have any stable connection, the game will become a little lag. Last but not least, we also have another action game which called Shadow Fight 3. You can see the amazingness on our website


Do you have the same opinion as us about this game? If so, we really happy to know that. Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comment section below. We will reply to your message right away and discuss it. We also have a secret weapon which can make your game easier, use Warframe hack right away. This is a great tool which we found on the internet. If you want to see more exclusive article from ours, click my share to see it with your own two eyes.

hill climb racing game review

Hill Climb Racing Game Review || A Unique Racing Game on the Smartphone!

At the first glance, this game looks boring. There nothing special you can do in this game and it is really easy to beat. Unfortunately, that statement is not true. Do you want to know more about this? Check out Hill Climb Racing review right away before it is too late.


hill climb racing gameplay

Your mission in this game to reach the finish line with your vehicle. This game offers you many different vehicles from a bike, normal car, tank, and so on. Each of the have advantage and disadvantage. Actually, this game is quite hard if you do not use the right vehicle. Even though there is no time limit, your vehicle has a fuel meter. If it is empty, you will face a game over screen. You can consider that one as a time limit. Do not need to worry, you can refill your fuel with a bottle which scatters around the stage.

Many Stages

Do not need to worry, this game features a lot of stages. You will not get bored easily with this game. The stage we know is Alien world, dessert, hills, mountain, and so on. Some stage required coins to unlock. If you want to unlock all of them, you need to prepare a lot of coins in the process.

Graphics Quality

The graphics still use 2D. But it is perfectly fit in this game. The details are really awesome to see especially all the vehicles. The developer of the game really pays attention to the graphics quality. Actually, a great game is not about the graphics only. There are many aspects which make all the people enjoy playing it.



This a great yet unique racing game which everyone should try. Do not only look at the gameplay only because you will think this is a bad game. Play it and feel the amazing sensation of it. Although this game is amazing, do not play it excessively or it will hurt yourself. If you do not believe us see the side effects of playing games 


Do you already download the game? If so, you can feel amazing sensation what makes this become the best on the smartphone.  Let us discuss the greatness of the game in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this one with your friends or relatives. Who know they looking for a great game to play on the mobile. We also offer you Hill Climb Racing hack tool. We found it accidentally and tried it. As the result, it works nicely. Do not forget to visit and click my share to see our exclusive article like this one.

block strike gold

The Best Way to Gain a Lot of Block Strike Gold for Free | Check Out the Information Here!

Block Strike is surely an addicting first person shooter game with a really cute graphics. That is why many people love this game a lot. But, it is not easy to collect such a lot of Gold in this game. Maybe that is the reason why players are so frustrated. So, on this occasion, we are about to share you the best way to get that. This way is really easy to do and of course, you will like it so much.

How to Get Free Block Strike Gold?

In order to get the Gold, we only need to do one thing. It is to access this Block Strike Free Gold link as soon as you finished reading this article. And here, we are going to tell you what is it and how it works. The link above will bring you to the website which will allow us to use their generator tool. The generator tool itself is functioned to generate us a lot of Gold just for free.

If you really want to use it, you do not need to worry if it would be hard. No, it is not at all, even it is very easy. We just need to click the big button that we will find on that website and follow all the instructions that we should have read before we access it. And when we are asked to give our e-mail username and choose the number of Gold that we want, we just need to do it to continue the process.

After a few seconds, we will be informed if our request succeeds or not. If it succeeds, there will be a writing that tells us if the Gold has been transferred to our game account. Then, we just need to check it out by opening the game to see if the Gold is already transferred.

Can My Device Use This Tool?

Actually, you do not have to worry about this as the generator tool can be used on the Android or iOS devices in almost every version of it. We know this because the website also gives the information about this. We saw the proof that so many people which use the Android and iOS device are very satisfied because this tool works perfectly on their devices.

Is It Safe?

As far as we know, it is really safe. It is because there is no one giving a complaint after they use the tool. We also never found a problem while or after using it although we have used it more than twice. We read that this tool is equipped with a good protection so we do not have to worry about that.


What do you think after reading the way to get so many Block Strike Gold above? Do you want to give it a try? We suggest you try it right now because it is the only best way to get a lot of Gold at this moment. So, you should not miss this chance.

tips to face an interview

Tips to Face an Interview for the First Timer

Having an interview could be one of the most stressful moments in our life especially if it is our first time to be interviewed. As we know that our result during the interview is the decider whether we will get the job that we apply for or not. So, we have to prepare everything that we need to face this moment. And here, we have some tips to face an interview which is very suitable for the people who are going to face their first interview ever.

Calm Yourself

keep calm

Every people must be nervous while having an interview for the first time and no one can deny it. But, being nervous just will ruin your interview and make you lost the job that you really want. So, just relax, take a deep breath for several times and go with the flow. Answer everything that the interviewer asks you and try to answer it as clear as you can.

Be Confident and Do Not Hesitate

When you are in an interview situation, one thing that you should bear in mind is to always be confident and do not hesitate especially when you are answering the questions that are given to you. It is very important as a company always seeking for an employee who has a high confidence to do their job. There is no company who want to hire an employee who always hesitates about his/her own job. So, if you show a lot of hesitation during the interview, it will make your chance to get the job become smaller.

Never Lie in Creating and Explaining about Your Resume

curriculum vitae

Resume or CV is the thing where all information about us is served, starting from the name, birth date, education, and etc. Make sure that you do not give anything that is not right about you in the CV or when you explaining about yourself as it can be a boomerang for you. As an example, if you never work before, just tell them like that. Do not tell them that you have worked on a big company before because they can know that you are lying. The people that you face during the interview are professional. So, just tell the truth and be honest is the key to get your wanted job.

Dressed Up Well

A company not only looking for an employee just because of his/her background but also the way they dress up. There is a saying that a person’s personality can be seen from the way he/she dresses. That is why you need to build a good image for yourself and the easiest way is by dressed up neatly for the interview. Wear your best clothes whether it is the first time interview or not. If you do not have, try to buy some new ones to improve your appearance. You have to know that the first impression is really important for your career in the future.


That is all the tips to face an interview that we can share with you. Just follow all of our tips above if you are about to have an interview. Hopefully, they can help you during your interview session. So, we wish you all the best and good luck!

Roblox store glitch

Roblox Store Glitch, Buy Robux without Money!

Robux can only be gotten from the store. If we want to get free Robux then have to spend our money on their store. Recently, we have found a great method of Roblox store glitch where we can buy Robux package without using money and being known by its developer.

If you would get Robux to your Roblox account, you can use our store glitch as it can help you a lot and of course, it will absolutely save your money.

Why We Need Robux?

Robux is the crucial currency in this game. We can do almost everything with Robux, we play a game then we are stuck at the way. We can purchase the in-game currency with Robux then it would be easy for us to play the game. If we do not have access to the game. We can only purchase a game pass with Robux. The last one, we can customize our own character with Robux. All outfits & accessories which are available in the store can only be purchased if we have Robux. If we do not have it, we will use the default one.

How to Use the Glitch?

We will give you a guide which is step by step and we are sure it would be very helpful for you. This guide is specialized for someone who is lack of money.

  1. Visit here!
  2. Access the glitch
  3. Enter your information
  4. Done!

Is not it really simple? We ensure a baby can even use it. So, you should have nothing to worry about this one. All you need to do is to visit the link above then you can access the store glitch. Actually, this is not a hack because we get Robux from its developer. However, we do not buy it with money, means for free!

wwe supercard free credits

WWE Supercard Free Credits [Credits Generator]

Do you know credits are really important if we play this game? It can help us to get many cards from the store. We can buy any cards based on our own choice or we can also fuse them to get the best grade card. Today, we are going to show you WWE Supercard free credits method. We are sure you will never find this one before.

To collect many cards is really important in this game. We can do almost everything if we have cards and also credits. The card could be our ingredient when we want to do fusion and so credits. However, the developer does not give what players want. It is extremely hard to get it if you are a free player.

Fusion is the most crucial part. At least we must have many cards in our inventory and also credits. If you want to fuse with the highest grade card. We must spend around 100 bucks. It is cruel. The developer does not understand how difficult their players are.

Now, we are going to talk about the free credits method. We are sure you could not wait for it anymore. Do you want to get it right away? or next time? Of course, right now! Follow these steps below.

  1. Access “WWE Supercard hack
  2. Click the access button
  3. Create a connection
  4. Click “Proceed” button to access the generator. You can do this if your connection accepted
  5. Select how much credits would you like to generate
  6. Enter your username detail
  7. Wait for the hacking process
  8. Done!

You can now get unlimited credits to your account but it does not mean you can get 999.999 amount such as many generators shown. This system is completely different.

You can get it based on the available package which is synchronized to the system and you can only generate once a week. You cannot do it anymore once you receive your request. Hopefully, this unlimited credits method can help you a lot. That is all, what I can share with you today!

WWE Supercard Tips || The Best Method to Pass King of the Ring Mode!

One of the famous mode in this game, King of the Ring. So, how is your progress in this mode? Do you have difficulties to progress? If so, we already created WWE Supercard tips to help you. This is a simple one to help you quickly. Are you curious about it? Find the answer right away.

Boost Cards

Do not forget to add this one. It will increase one of your statuses by 15%. Of course, it is random, you cannot choose which one. We think it is better than nothing. Remember, you will not fight common wrestler card. But, you will face the legendary or superstar wrestler. That is why you need to take advantages of boost card if possible.

Support Cards

It is really essential to have this card. This one will increase your character status (all of them) and cover your weakness. For that reason, you need to choose the suitable card to make your wrestler become the champion right away.

Choose the Wrestler Which Have a Lot of Stamina

King of the ring mode is a marathon match. In other words, you will fight all the enemies without rest. So, it is not possible to heal your character stamina. Like we said before, boost card is the key to claim your victory. Also, you can choose the wrestler card which has a high stamina. Some card also has a regen ability which can heal your fighter HP each turn. Be sure to use it if you have.

wwe supercard king of the ring

Use Double Energy Card

For you who do not know, before you enter the match, you can use double energy card which doubles your wrestler stamina. If you have this in your item storage, do not hesitate to use it. This is the right time to make your fighter stronger.

Take it Easy for The First Match

Do not use any support or boost card. For the first match, just take it easy. Use a normal method to beat your opponent. Do not need to worry, the early match not really hard as you think. You will be fine. After you beat one or three opponent, the real fight will begin.

Final Words

There are many modes besides this one. But, the famous one is King of the Ring. Now, you can become the champion with our simple tips. If you need another help regarding this game such as credits, you can use WWE Supercard Hack tool. This is a tool which generates your wishes. If you prepare for the risk, visit this to solve your problem.

cafeland game

Cafeland Game – Review The Gameplay and How to Get Free Coins Quickly!

Cafeland is an online and offline cooking game which you can play on your Android, Facebook, or IOS. This game is suitable to play for children and teenager especially girls. If you know other cooking games like Dinner Dash, Cooking Dash, and etc, those games have a similar gameplay. Cafeland game is the latest and exciting game that how to play this is quite easy. Then, while playing this one, you need to collect coins also. Therefore, you must know the gameplay and the quick way how to get free coins in this article. So, keep on reading, guys!

cafeland gameplay

How to Play Cafeland?

Before I tell you how to play Cafeland game, I want to tell you first a glimpse about this game. This game is made to manage the cafe, designing cafe, cooking and serving cafe visitors. Besides that, in this game, you can change or custom the chef also. Then, you need to collect XP in order to rise to the next level.

Actually, this game is quite simple and easy. You have to gather a lot of customers in order to get more coins that will be used to expand the cafe, decorate, buy cooking utensils and cooking. You need to click and drag the menu in order to play. For example, if you want to decorate your cafe, click the menu decoration, then you might choose the material you need for decorating the cafe. In other that, if you want to serve your customers, you have to click the tap or click the people, then there is the request of the customer said. Your customers can give a bad or good comment also if you have a good comment, then you will get coin automatically. For that, don’t let your customers left your cafe because you serve a bad service.

To collect the coins are not easy because you have to complete the mission first. That’s why you need a quick way to collect them easily without spending a much time. Here, I will share it with you, don’t be worry because this is very simple and easy to earn free coins to your account. Let’s take a peek below!

cafeland game trick

How to Get Coins for Free?

Why do you need to collect the coins? Because this is very important guys! You can buy the material for decorating your cafe, change the chef’s characters, and etc. That’s why you have to earn them to your account. You don’t need to finish each level by serving your customers to get the coins. Through click the Cafeland Hack here, your dream will come true! You will get the coins for free, so you are free to custom your chef and renovate your own cafe!

Click the link above and follow the all easy step includes. This is work like a charm, I’m so satisfied with the result at all. You have to prove it by yourself, this is real and true. So don’t be a worry for the result! Hopefully, this article about Cafeland game is very useful for you, guys! Have a tried 😉

the best adventure offline games

The Best Adventure Offline Games on Android to Play

The Android game category most searched and desirable to play is an Adventure game. This is one genre game that has its own excitement that makes the players really love it. This game category has a long storyline and added a lot of levels, so it can be played continuously without getting bored. Even so, games played in online mode, of course, it will spend a lot of internet quota. This time I will discuss the best adventure offline games on Android that are very recommended to be played by anyone.

You do not need to spend quotas, you can also enjoy the game easily. The following games also become one of the game’s choices that have many selected to play. So what are the games? Look at the following here!

5 Recommended Offline Adventure Games

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer

The Android adventure game without the following internet connection is Subway Surfer. This one game is no stranger to our ears, this game invites you to look for as many coins by running on the train tracks and chased by the police with his dog. This game is a light and exciting adventure game played on Android. You do not need quotas to play it, so you can easily play it anytime.

Temple Run game

Temple Run

The best android adventure game with the best charts is Temple Run. This is an action and adventure game that is almost similar to subway surfers. Similarly, in terms of running for coins and being chased by monsters. It looks so good to make you play this game more and more. This game became one of the best adventure offline games on Android that many teenagers liked.

Limbo game


The other best games with a classic look and 2D. Limbo is an indie game that comes with a creepy and sad storyline. You will be the main character, a young man who goes to the monochromatic world. Your job is to find a lost sister somewhere. With a mysterious, frightening and confusing storyline, making this game into one exciting game that you can play offline on your Android.

punch quest game

Punch Quest

Punch Quest is one of the most popular games, even when this game first appeared on the Play Store. Simple and casual presentations make users feel excited in battles like Metal Slug. Although this game action genre, the adventure in each level make you will not be bored to continue playing and playing. You can also choose a character, jump, hit and do it simultaneously. This game can make players addicted to continue playing it.

baldur's gate game

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Comes with interesting graphics, Baldur’s Gate II become the favorite an adventure game that seems dear if it’s not on your Android device. This game presents adventure to various parts of the world, allowing you to feel the fight in RPG mode with various evil wizards. In addition, Baldur’s Gate II also uses Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system to make the rules in play very interesting. It becomes one of the best adventure offline games options on Android.

beautiful wedding cakes

Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Completing Your Best Moment In Life!

We have to prepare a good planning for our wedding. If you are looking for the best wedding theme for your special moment in life, especially for wedding cakes, here there are! There are beautiful wedding cakes designs which Roowedding website offer to you. Today I would like to give you a review about the cakes on this website. This becomes the important part which can make your wedding reception perfect.

For you who still don’t have the ideas for your wedding cake designs, you can find it here. On this web, there was explain good details of a wedding cake start from topping until the design itself. Who knows after you see this one, you will get a lot of inspiration. Do not wait so long, let’s take a look the best wedding cake designs here!

The Best 3 Wedding Cakes with Unique Topping

We know that many wedding website which serves a variety of wedding plans such wedding decor, dress, bouquet, and cake. Therefore, as brides, you must be smart and careful while choosing a cake design for your wedding. If you want to make it looks awesome, you should take a look what kind of the best beautiful wedding cakes ideas here which has a variety of unique and chic topping on it. What are they? Here I take some example of wedding ideas on a Roowedding website. Let’s check this out!

rustic wedding cake

Rustic Wedding Cakes

When I see this website, then I check wedding cakes here, rustic wedding cakes design also become the popular and the best wedding cake design that every bride choose for their moment. If you want to celebrate with classic and rustic theme for a wedding, this wedding cake was perfect to be chosen, it’s more fitted with your wedding concept. A florist and greenery garnish on it are the topping which can make this cake looks beautiful. You will see a beautiful and awesome cake design with a brilliant idea that wedding organizer was offered here.

unique wedding cake

Unique topping for wedding cake

Choose your favorite design for your wedding cake that can present something different. Unique wedding cakes with a creative and attractive design are great ideas for your wedding. You can custom your favorite character or design for the cakes. This wedding cake will look beautiful because of the creative idea that applies to this cake. The concept is presenting a beautiful look which very perfect for your wedding cake design. Your wedding will look charming and outstanding. A unique topping on it make the cake looks attractive and adorable.

winter wedding cakes

Winter Wedding Cakes Ideas

For the winter season, there is also beautiful wedding cake that matches with the theme. A cake with snowflake and icicles for the topping will make this winter wedding cake looks chic. On Roowedding, you will see the uniqueness which serves to this wedding cake, especially for winter season. It also complete with a beautiful garnish or topping that can support this wedding cake idea.

That’s all the beautiful wedding cakes ideas that Roowedding website presents special for you! Have a nice day