Warframe Review || an Amazing Free to Play Online Game on PC!

We are sure you know how great this game. Although this one is free, it can offer you a lot of excitement. For people who already played it will have the same opinion as us. And for the one who never played it, we have Warframe review which you can see right away.


We are sure all of you think this is a robot game because you can see the character look exactly like a robot. Actually, it is not. All the characters in this game wear an armor called Warframe in order to fight. This action game is really something. You will surprise can play this game for free, what you need only internet connection. This game use mission-based system. So, in order to progress further, you need to clear certain mission. Of course, there are also side quests which you can do to get an exclusive reward.

Multiplayer Mode

The reason why we played this game because of this mode. It is really exciting to play this game together with your friends. All enemies easy to beat and If your health in danger, your teammates can heal you. Invite your friends and beat the boss together. Remember, you need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection or you will disconnect from the mission immediately. All the reward you get will go away forever.

Many Weapon to Use

This game feature many weapons to use such as gun, sword, scythe, and so on. Choose the one which suits your style the best. Each enemy also has different weakness against your weapon. If you can, master all the weapon and you will become the champion in the game. This is the dream of everyone who played the game.

warframe gameplay

Our Thoughts

This is a great game without a doubt. Everyone can enjoy it without any problem. From the graphics aspects until gameplay, this game really outstanding. As for the score, we give it 85. Indeed a great game needs to have a good score. The only problem in this game only the internet connection. If you do not have any stable connection, the game will become a little lag. Last but not least, we also have another action game which called Shadow Fight 3. You can see the amazingness on our website


Do you have the same opinion as us about this game? If so, we really happy to know that. Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comment section below. We will reply to your message right away and discuss it. We also have a secret weapon which can make your game easier, use Warframe hack right away. This is a great tool which we found on the internet. If you want to see more exclusive article from ours, click my share to see it with your own two eyes.

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