Hill Climb Racing Game Review || A Unique Racing Game on the Smartphone!

At the first glance, this game looks boring. There nothing special you can do in this game and it is really easy to beat. Unfortunately, that statement is not true. Do you want to know more about this? Check out Hill Climb Racing review right away before it is too late.


hill climb racing gameplay

Your mission in this game to reach the finish line with your vehicle. This game offers you many different vehicles from a bike, normal car, tank, and so on. Each of the have advantage and disadvantage. Actually, this game is quite hard if you do not use the right vehicle. Even though there is no time limit, your vehicle has a fuel meter. If it is empty, you will face a game over screen. You can consider that one as a time limit. Do not need to worry, you can refill your fuel with a bottle which scatters around the stage.

Many Stages

Do not need to worry, this game features a lot of stages. You will not get bored easily with this game. The stage we know is Alien world, dessert, hills, mountain, and so on. Some stage required coins to unlock. If you want to unlock all of them, you need to prepare a lot of coins in the process.

Graphics Quality

The graphics still use 2D. But it is perfectly fit in this game. The details are really awesome to see especially all the vehicles. The developer of the game really pays attention to the graphics quality. Actually, a great game is not about the graphics only. There are many aspects which make all the people enjoy playing it.



This a great yet unique racing game which everyone should try. Do not only look at the gameplay only because you will think this is a bad game. Play it and feel the amazing sensation of it. Although this game is amazing, do not play it excessively or it will hurt yourself. If you do not believe us see the side effects of playing games 


Do you already download the game? If so, you can feel amazing sensation what makes this become the best on the smartphone.  Let us discuss the greatness of the game in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this one with your friends or relatives. Who know they looking for a great game to play on the mobile. We also offer you Hill Climb Racing hack tool. We found it accidentally and tried it. As the result, it works nicely. Do not forget to visit and click my share to see our exclusive article like this one.

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