7 Colors Which Can Affect Our Moods – The Meaning of Colors

So many colors which look so gorgeous and colorful. There is a variety of colors which can find around us. However, did you know 7 colors which can affect our moods? If you do not know about it, this time I will share this information with you all.

Definitely, color is very influential for us, especially for our mood. In addition, colors have become part of our lives. Why? Yes, because anything around us certainly has a color that describes and has a particular meaning. If goods or inanimate objects around us don’t have a color, of course, it would make it look unattractive. In fact, do you know that it turns the color can also affect your mood?

There are some colors that it can raise our mood or even lowered our mood. Each color also has a special meaning to describe our mood. What are they? Let’s look at these 7 colors which can affect our moods and see what are the meaning of color itself.

7 Colors Meaning To Our Mood


This color is synonymous with a burning passion, ambitious and strong. A psychological research to prove people wearing red color could attract more attention than those using a blue shirt. Even when people see red, their heart beating will beat faster. The red color also makes us more passion in doing our activities.


This color refers to spirit, energetic and happy. The yellow color can change the mood will be better. If we are lazy to school because of the rain, you can wear yellow clothes or yellow color accessories to raise our mood to go to school. The research also proves that the wall places to study or work with yellow color can make people who live there, think more clearly and always happy.


Symbol of harmony, fresh, and life balance. This color was good for eyes and create a more stable feeling. Research has proven that even when we often see green that can improve our vision.


Blue colors make us feel calm and peaceful. If we’re bad mood, it is highly recommended to look up and stare into the clouds in the sky. We can close our eyes while imagining the atmosphere of the beach with the blue sea. This will make our mood feel better.


Orange color can describe happy, creative, warm and energetic of us. It turns out that orange color can also increase our confidence. This color has a similar meaning between red and yellow.


The purple color means elegance, mystery, and glamor. If you want to give the impression of a mysterious and luxurious in appearance we make sure a purple in our accessories are good to choose. This color also become one of the colors that can help raise our mood.


This is one color that related to women. This color symbolizes the spirit of romantic, sensitive, feminine impression, full of affection and friendship. When we got into the room in pink, it automatically makes us feel the warmth of love and friendship of the people around us. Pink is also the color that is suitable for you who are falling in love.

So,  7 colors which can affect our moods above have a meaning that related to make our mood feel better. If you want to make your day perfect and awesome, you may choose those colors in your clothing or accessories. Hopefully, this information can bring you a new knowledge to learn about color effects for our mood. See you on the next article guys!

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