Asian Small Bedroom Design Ideas – Asian Small Bedroom Design Ideas are perfect for small homes or studio apartments. Most often, a studio apartment is just large enough to accommodate one or two persons – hardly enough to feel comfortable. So to make the most out of the space you have, look for Asian small bedroom design ideas that fit your needs. Here are some points to consider:

Best Traditional Furniture for Bedroom

Look for traditional Asian furniture pieces like the bed, wardrobe and nightstands. Since most Asian bedrooms are small, it is best to use pieces of furniture that can fit in with the size of your bedroom. For example, a piece of furniture like the dresser will not look right if your bedroom is long. So it is best to pick up furniture pieces that match the general color of your walls, flooring and other decoration throughout your Asian themed room.

Use bright colors and decorate your bedroom to look like an inviting guest room. It’s best to go all out – so much so that it seems like you have an entire living room in your bedroom. Try to use bright colors, simple patterns and Asian inspired themes to complete the look.

Asian small bedroom design ideas usually include hanging lanterns, bamboo accents, and oriental paintings on the wall. Hang up as many Asian wall hangings and artworks as possible to really tie the whole room together. Place Japanese lanterns on the ceiling and along the walls to add to the overall Asian theme.

Adding an Asian Touch to the Bedroom

Asian furnishing pieces are normally wider in size compared to furniture pieces you would typically see in a Western-themed small bedroom. If possible, choose a wide variety of Asian antiques and pieces to create a great Asian feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match Asian elements – use one desk and chair to create a reading nook while adding some Asian touches like an Asian bed frame and an Asian rug. Use a chest of drawers to store your linens and keep a small Buddha painted lamp on the night stand for additional Asian touches.

Asian decorating themes help you achieve a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your Asian themed bedroom. You can choose bedding that is darker in color such as black or dark brown for the Asian feel. Asian textiles, such as brocades, jacquards and rugs, look great when embroidering on a wall. Hang up as many Asian artworks on the wall as you can, including a Japanese lantern, a lacquered mirror, or a framed photograph. Place an oriental chair in your bedroom that has scroll work, such as a round table and tapestries.

Keep in mind that the Asian theme requires plenty of storage. Consider using traditional Asian storage spaces such as chests, bookshelves, and picture frames to organize your belongings. Hang up accent lamps that add Asian lighting to your room. Place bamboo mats beneath your furniture to keep your floor clean.

Complementing Asian Inspirational Bedroom Design Ideas

To complete your Asian bedroom design ideas, purchase wall hangings that feature Asian animals. Bamboo figurines and paintings are available in a number of sizes and colors. Find a nice painting or picture and frame it on the wall. Decorate the room with Asian inspired accessories and accents. Accessorize with Asian fabric such as rugs, shawls, and carpets. Finally, look for Asian wall art to complete your Asian-themed bedroom.

An interesting idea is to install an island table in your room. It can be an elegant piece of furniture or it can be simple. You can find tables at any Asian store or you can design your own using basic materials. Arrange candles and incense in holders on the island for a tranquil mood.

Considering Creating Unique Beauty

Consider adding bamboo plants to your potted plants. These tiny plants will not only add a touch of Asian style but will be convenient and easy to take care of. You can place these plants in a vase in front of a window. If you are planning to add a rug to the room, consider purchasing one that matches the colors of your walls and your rug. The rugs should also be one of a kind. You can choose bold and dark colors to make your room feel cozy or opt for a soft and subtle rug that adds texture and depth.

If you live in a small house, you might want to save on space by adding a small desk to your bedroom. If you have an extra desk available, you can purchase plastic chairs that seat two people. This desk can then be set up against a wall or on a corner. You can find Asian bedroom design ideas that include a sewing table if you don’t already have one. You can even find special small tables that have unique Asian themes such as birds, dragonflies, elephants, fish, and leaves.

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