Beautiful Bohemian Shabby Chic Decor – Creating a beautiful and eclectic home can be easy when you know what to look for. The secret is in blending patterns, mixing colors, and choosing pieces with timeworn finishing. You can also incorporate elements of different cultures and thought.

A Fun Way to Add Color and Character to Your Home

Using pattern mixing in Bohemian Shabby Chic decor is a fun way to add color and character to your home. It requires a little knowledge about the scale and texture of the different patterns. It’s also possible to achieve a cohesive look by creating a color scheme based on shades in the same color family. This will give your contrasting patterns a cohesive feel.

The trick to achieving a coherent look is to choose a set of colors that you can mix and match without looking too chaotic. A good rule of thumb is to use tonal colors to create a restful, harmonious effect. The other secret to pattern mixing is choosing textiles with similar textures. This can be achieved with area rugs, poufs, and pillows. It’s also important to note that if you want to achieve a bohemian look, you should consider natural materials and organic elements.

Traditionally, shabby chic interiors are characterized by timeworn finishing. These finishes are normally on furniture and metal accents. The idea is to create an elegant look by breaking down surface level chaos. Timeworn finishing is also commonly referred to as faux painting. This technique is accomplished by rubbing away the top coat of paint and showing the wood underneath. This is a simple and clever way to imitate shabby chic style.

Shows Shabby Chic Elegance

Another subtle way to demonstrate shabby chic elegance is to use oyster inlays. Using thin plywood, you can make painted hearts. The tutorial can be found at allthingsheartandhome.

You can incorporate the timeworn finish into your shabby chic decor by sanding the surface of a wood piece to reveal uneven or chipped paint. You can then cover the exposed areas with chalk paint or other white paint to achieve a weathered look. Whether you are looking for bohemian shabby chic decor or a new look for your home, there are a number of ways to get inspired. The style is about celebrating individuality. It uses mismatched pieces, contrasting colors, and natural materials.

A good way to get started with bohemian shabby chic is to mix a few old and new pieces together. For instance, a patterned kilim runner draped over a round mirror is an easy way to add an eclectic flair. Other items that add an individual touch to the room include gilded candlesticks and vintage dinner plates. Buying second-hand is also a great way to get the look without breaking the bank.

Creating a Cohesive Look with Natural Elements

Adding natural elements such as plants is another great way to create a cohesive look. Choose easy-care plants, such as succulents, to add life to your space. You can place these in terra cotta planters or woven baskets.

Amongst the many styles of decorating, there are some which have an emphasis on the inclusion of a diversity of thought and culture. This style of decor is characterized by an eclectic mixture of patterns, colors, and textures, which are influenced by different cultural and artistic influences. It is often characterized by warm earthy colors, jewel tones, and saturated colors, and is usually layered with various accents. Originally, this style of decorating was inspired by nomadic Romani people of Europe, but is now considered modern.

Exotic textiles are one aspect of this style. These include suzani from central Asia, and ikat from Cambodia. Typically, these fabrics are used for tapestries, wall coverings, and other accessories. A white backdrop for these richer tones can add visual space.

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