Creating a Mediterranean Living Room Design – Creating a Mediterranean Living Room Design is fun. It allows you the opportunity to create a space that will be relaxing and inspiring for your guests. Themes can be used as a starting point, but be careful not to crowd the space too much with furnishings and other focal points. Too many elements can lead to confusion in the space. Choose furnishings and accessories that are in keeping with the Mediterranean style – simple, elegant, and with sufficient use of color and light. Decorating with Mediterranean colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, as well as earth tones of browns, tans, and greens, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Rug is a Must have Accessory for the Living Room

Many people make their living room an inviting area by choosing a beautiful area rug. Use an area rug for this purpose. This accessory is a must. Because the rug draws foot attention, it works well to soften hard surfaces, such as hard floors or tile floors. Use the area rug as an accent piece to draw attention away from less attractive features of the room. You might choose a rug that is made of wool, which would keep the area cool during the hot summer months.

You can use large plants to add color and life to a room, but if you do so, be sure to use plants that are accustomed to being outdoors. Try not to use large plants that require constant trimming or watering because they will be more likely to die. If you must use large plants, use small ones that you can move easily.

The Best Way with a Distinctive and Unique Appearance

The use of Moroccan or Basque artwork in your design is a good way to ensure that your home looks authentic. These types of art work are usually intricately designed and constructed. In order to make them unique, use of authentic materials, such as wood. These types of materials will help to give your home the distinctive look that you are trying to achieve.

When working with your decorating team, make sure that you include elements that relate to the culture of the people that will be using your room. For instance, in Mediterranean countries, family members eat meals in different areas of the home. In these homes, eating is usually done on a dining table. The use of ceramic or wooden platters can give your room an inviting look that is unique to the Mediterranean style. Since many of these types of platters can be very expensive, choose simple versions that are not overly decorative.

Use of Color in Mediterranean Style Decoration

Creating a Mediterranean room design can also include the use of color. The colors used in Mediterranean decor are very strong, so if you choose bright colors such as red, you may want to reconsider your selection. You may, instead, choose shades of earth tones. This type of color can provide a softer look, making your home feel warm and inviting.

When working with your design team, remember that they should not limit your imagination. This is your home, and you have complete control over the elements that will make up this room. Remember, however, that the use of too much color and bright elements can distract from the atmosphere that you are trying to create. As with any design project, begin with a sketch of the style that you would like to achieve. Once you have selected the elements that you want to use, then you can begin working through the colors and accents.

Another thing to keep in mind when decorating a Mediterranean style living room is that the elements are not overwhelming. If you place too many bright colors or ornate elements in this room, it may actually cause the room to feel claustrophobic. Creating a room that is inviting and comfortable is all about finding the right balance of form and function. If you can achieve this balance through the elements that you use, you will be well on your way to creating a home that anyone would be happy to call their own.

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