Decorating Ideas For a Small Eclectic Study Room – Do you need some small, yet interesting and unique design ideas for your small, eclectic home office? Do you want to create a cozy oasis in which to work and study, but with enough personality to make it your own? Do you need a design for a room that will make your friends green with envy? If so, read on because we are going to share some small, yet useful design ideas for your small, eclectic study room.

Eclectic Small Study Room Design Ideas

Do you have a desk with no place to set down files? Would you love to get some new study design ideas for your small, eclectic study room? Then, get some white walls and pick up a hutch. It is easy to make this work into your traditional, mission-style decorating if you go about it in the right way.

The first thing you want to do is get some white paint, either from a household container or an art supply store, and some medium hardwood floors and a freestanding desk. These are all things that you can use to create the look you are going for in a study room. Next, remember that your desk is going to be the centerpiece of this room. Therefore, you must choose a color that fits well with the rest of the room. A great choice would be pale green with white walls.

Another of good design idea for a small, eclectic study room is to go with an L-shaped arrangement. You would then use two long pieces of wood, one on each side of the room, to form a triangular shape. Then you would have a desk in the middle of the room with a corner table to the side. This would allow you to place a flat-screen television above the desk. If you are not interested in television, then this would also work as a great homework area for your children. You could even build shelving units to hold all of your school supplies.

Bright Decor Elements for Small Study Room Walls

For the walls of this small, eclectic style study room, you should try to go with a light color that contrasts with the gray walls. To add some depth, you might consider using wallpaper borders. Wallpaper borders made of cotton is a great option. Then you can throw in a lot of bright decorating elements to make your room shine. For instance, you could add colorful pictures of family and friends. This would bring a bright and cheerful touch to your study area.

Another great design idea for a small, eclectic study area is to go with a glass desk. These desks can be used to store important or sometimes necessary documents. Glass desks are typically larger than your standard laptop computer. However, they can be used to create a small nook in the corner of a room where you can comfortably sit and study. The mezzanine floor underneath allows you to install a carpet in this area, which will give a very rich look to the room.

Antique and Cozy Eclectic Look

In order to make a small, eclectic home office feel cozy and warm, you should install wall coverings such as a mural or a rug. This will help create a comfortable space where you can study in comfort. Some people like to use an antique-style rug that has a floral pattern printed on it. Others prefer the warmth and inviting look of southwestern rugs. Either way, a rug will bring a unique texture to your study area.

To finish this small home office, you should consider hanging two large mirrors on either side of a mirror. These mirrors will not only reflect light, but they will also help you focus on your work. Your entire wall is now covered with a collection of lamps and candles. In my opinion, having a fire on one side of the room makes the room seem even smaller. Now you know how to decorate a small home office in a 1908 residential house in South Portland, Oregon.


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