How to Make a Small Industrial Living Room – The small industrial living room is often an overlooked part of the overall planning for the home. People tend to look at bigger rooms and forget about the little industrial spaces that make up the majority of homes. The small spaces can have their uses though and with some planning and creative thinking, they can be transformed into something truly wonderful. Let’s look at some of the small living room ideas that can really make an industrial space into something that reflects today’s lifestyle.

Small Living Room Ideas with Modern Industrial Design

Small living room designs can really take advantage of the available space and the fact that many small industrial living room ideas are based around the concept of ‘shop chic’. The main considerations are that you want something that looks warm and inviting. This doesn’t mean however that you have to sacrifice style, as there are plenty of small furniture designs that will please the majority of people. The key aspects are never fade away from the modern industrial house designs.

It’s important to realise that the main goal when working on small industrial living room design is functionality and the ability for your furniture to perform its function. This means that you should aim for solid, sturdy furniture made out of durable materials that will last and be well suited for long term usage. This type of small living room design also has the main flairs of a well-designed factory-floor layout.

In an effort to encourage efficiency, it’s a good idea to invest in a few modular storage units. These days it’s all the rage to have storage available anywhere in the house including the living room. There are so many styles and colours available that investing in this style of storage is well worth the cost. You can incorporate your modular storage units into your modular furniture collections, which is very popular at the moment. Some people even like to hang their couches from these types of wall hooks, which also adds an extra dimension to your interior design.

How to Complete a Small Industrial Living Room Design

Another small but highly useful addition to a small industrial living room is exposed brick. Brick comes in so many different shades, textures and colours that you’re sure to find a few that will complement your design beautifully. It’s a known fact that exposed brick can dramatically update the look of your home, so don’t skimp on the installation. Invest in quality electrical cable from your local plumber to run all your light and electrical wiring to the appropriate outlets.

If you have the chance, it’s worth installing a skylight in your small living room. Skylights allow natural light into your living room and can add a beautiful touch to a warm summer’s night. You can incorporate your skylight with additional open air seating arrangements such as benches. Install tall, clean and neutral coloured garden furniture on top of the exposed brick walls, to give the illusion that the walls are made of concrete. Your garden will look much more sophisticated than a concrete floor, which is cool in this weather.

Recommendations for Use in Industrial Design

Finally, try and install strong, well insulated doors, which are often referred to as penetrable walls. penetrable wall doors consist of beams and steel ribs, which are designed to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and are highly recommended for use in industrial designs. Insert heavy duty glass panels between the beams for a strong and effective seal against moisture. These doors usually have PVC or wooden side panels to provide added strength and security, and the front of the door is generally a panel which has been secured by bolts, screws or other attaching devices.

The above ideas are just a few of the ideas that can be incorporated into small industrial designs to make them appear bigger than they actually are. Before you begin your project, you should consult your manufacturer to identify all the materials you will need, as well as how much work it will require. You may find that certain features cannot be achieved without additional tools or machinery. It is important not to overlook any small features such as doors or windows in your small industrial living room plans. They are a crucial part of making the room seem more spacious and comfortable.

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