Industrial Library – Know More About the Benefits – An industrial library is simply a repository of printed and electronic media, materials, or books that are readily accessible for use and not only for display purposes. It is accountable for housing constantly updated industrial information on hand to fulfill the growing user’s demands on a day-to-day basis. All the relevant industrial literature on any subject can be found in an industrial library. Moreover, it may also consist of any information that is prepared for the use of industrial personnel, suppliers, customers, and other interested parties. For example, it may contain any publications related to any industrial product, its manufacture, processing, marketing, and even any training related to its usage.

Industrial Library Functions

In some cases, industrial libraries are also referred to as research laboratories. It could be a reference source for companies and other organizations to locate information and data in regard to any specific subject. It could serve as a repository for records, memorabilia, or other information stored in reference to a particular subject. Such reference materials are usually prepared by the suppliers, manufacturers, process administrators, and related personnel for safekeeping.

Any business that requires the services of an industrial library can be assured of the presence of an experienced librarian who has both practical knowledge and excellent associative abilities. In fact, an industrial library will have a number of such librarians on hand to cater to the specific needs of the various users. Such a library will have a qualified librarian who possesses both the knowledge of the subject and the capability to compile and analyze data, both old and current. The librarian will serve as a primary source of information for decision-makers of the firm and other users who require more in-depth information on specific issues relating to the specific industry. In addition, he will also be expected to assist the users in the preparation of reports, proposals, queries, and other related papers.

Industrial Library Role Idea

Such an industrial library will play an active role in maintaining the correspondence between various users and the concerned departments concerned. It will serve as a focal point for networking activities. Thus, it can be considered a very important organizational asset. In today’s highly competitive corporate world, where almost every company is involved in some form of competition with other companies, industrial libraries are being regarded as one of the keys to success for many companies. It is because of this reason that even a small company will require the services of a large number of its employees for performing its varied tasks efficiently.

The librarian will also play an important role in providing information services to the staff of the company. He will be responsible for providing the necessary information on specific subjects and areas of concern to the employees of the company. He will provide them with the latest technical articles. He will answer their queries related to their particular areas of expertise. He will provide them with accurate and reliable information about industrial libraries, industrial information services, industrial information products, industrial periodicals, and industrial publications.

Characteristics of Industrial Libraries

Today’s companies are adopting innovative ways of working. To stay ahead of the competition they require accurate and reliable information services. Hence, the librarians of such organizations have to be highly qualified professionals who can provide such information services. Since these librarians have to compile the huge information files of the companies they work for, they are often required to possess special technical skills. This is one of the major reasons why industrial libraries are preferred over other forms of libraries.

Today’s companies are providing advanced computerized systems to their employees for better coordination purposes. These systems require the accurate computer skills of the employees in coordinating various activities. A well-organized and updated industrial library will help these companies to save a tremendous amount of time, money, and manpower by making the coordination task easy and simple. All the employees of the company will be able to concentrate and work efficiently for the accomplishment of the goal of the organization.

The users of such industrial libraries will be able to utilize their facilities for smooth knowledge management. Since the staff members of such libraries are also knowledgeable about the latest technologies, they can easily provide all the assistance required by the company. They can easily train the new hires as well and this will make them more efficient in the coming period of time.

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