Interior Design Ideas For Antique Living Rooms – An eclectic living room design does not require strict symmetry and formality but instead favors fun and eclectic approach to interior design. Functionality should still be a primary concern in a living room; however, the idea is to create a space that invites people to enjoy their presence as much as possible. This can be accomplished with a mixture of materials and styles that appeal to different sensibilities. This approach allows eclectic living room designs to be more flexible and adaptable than other styles.

Creating a Unique Look for an Eclectic Living Room

To create an eclectic living room, the flooring needs to be eclectic in nature, as well as the walls. The use of varying textures, materials, and colors helps to change the ambiance of the room. For example, light walls with lots of windows can bring in sunlight, whereas dark walls with little or no windows create a feeling of closed in. A combination of these two elements will balance the walls and add depth while creating a unique look.

Vintage and art Deco pieces are a great addition to a room that evokes this look. There are so many options available for vintage and art Deco pieces that it is possible to find a perfect look for every home. Large, mirrored bookshelves are perfect for bringing the entire room together. These can be used to display any type of media including decorative sculptures, prints, and antiques. Other items such as coffee tables and end tables can also be updated with additional media pieces for a truly eclectic look.

In the kitchen, an eclectic living room style makes sense with a countertop that incorporates cutting-edge appliances. Potted greenery can provide the necessary green shading to help add depth to the walls while creating visual obstacles for the visually challenged. For example, tall, potted greenery is ideal along with the countertop and then covered up with more foliage in the form of herbs. The tall plants provide the needed green shading without forcing down other elements in the kitchen.

The Perfect Combination for an Eclectic Living Room

Walls in an eclectic living room need to be carefully planned out before the decorating process begins. Too many colors or patterns in one color or pattern will create visual clutter. Mixing and matching different textures, fabrics, and patterns is a good way to achieve a well-balanced look. Look for textural contrasts between various wall colors or patterns, such as smooth wallpaper and velvet curtains, or bold flecks of paint against a backdrop of creamy white. This technique also helps to break up large, wall to wall painted rooms into smaller, more manageable canvases.

Seating is an important part of the eclectic living room design plan. If there is not enough seating, it is unlikely that there will be enough privacy. Consider purchasing several small chairs that are the same color and fabric so that every member of the family can sit and enjoy the space. Choose a leather sofa with a warm and inviting base that has a cushioned backrest and side buttons. A floor lamp with colorful flowers on its base is another elegant addition to a small corner.

Popular Decoration by Placing a Table Lamp

Table lamps and side table lamps are popular decor pieces. Placing one in each corner of the room under a large lamp can create the appearance of many additional seating spaces. Decorating bookshelves with an eclectic living room theme by placing leather-covered magazines and a couple of chairs can be inviting. A coffee table with glass tops is another option for this design. Placing a plant on top of the table is the perfect way to bring nature indoors.

A centerpiece for the eclectic living room design is the throw pillow. Any flat surface can be used as a throw pillow. The material should be a decorative and textured type of fabric such as silk, knitted or crocheted fabric, velvet, satin, or cotton. A colorful throw pillow will complete the look of the room and provide the needed touch of color to pull together the interior decor. A few animal print fabric throw pillows placed on shelves or bookshelves also provide a nice touch for this type of room.

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