Mediterranean Living Room Design – The Mediterranean is a broad area, stretching from Portugal to Morocco and from Spain to Turkey. This area has great weather all year round, and the Mediterranean Sea has become one of the world’s main natural tourist attractions. This means that the Mediterranean area offers the ideal place for designing a Mediterranean home. With the right mix of contemporary and traditional design elements, this space can be a lively centrepiece in any home.

Types of Materials Used for Living Room Design

The first thing to consider when designing a Mediterranean room is the type of material used in the construction. While traditionally furniture made from Oak or Beech was preferred, more modern materials such as wrought iron are also widely used. Iron is less fragile than oak, and therefore wrought iron is often seen in combination with glass or mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom design. Alternatively, you could choose a fabric covered wooden bench that will complement most traditional designs.

The next thing to decide on is the colour palette. While it is common to use colours such as tan, green and blue, more unusual hues such as purple are also becoming quite popular. These unusual colours tend to be cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter, giving a traditional feel to your home without overpowering the style.

Once the colours have been selected, you then need to consider the design elements. Mediterranean homes typically have a lot of wooden detail. Wrought iron features on doors and furniture, wood is used for window coverings and interior decoration. For the floor, stone is highly valued, as it tends to be extremely hard-wearing and beautiful. Decorative tiles are often seen, including mosaic designs and Roman terracotta tiles.

Considering the Right Design Elements

Other design elements to consider include murals and wall paintings. These will provide a focal point for the room and add depth to the overall effect. Usually, the subject of the mural or painting is relevant to the theme of the home, so the murals and paintings tend to relate to certain characteristics of the traditional home, such as geometric shapes, or animal skins.

Wallpapers can really help to create the look you are looking for. Often, traditional images are depicted in black and white. However, using patterns can really make the room look unique. Another thing that can be considered is the textures of the walls. Stone walls with intricately carved details look incredible, but some fabrics are also being used in modern rooms to create the same effect.

As you can see, there are many design elements to consider when creating this type of environment. If you want to do it yourself, there are plenty of materials that will allow you to create the look. However, if you do not want to go to all the effort, hiring professionals will ensure that your room has an amazing look. Generally, it is cheaper to hire professionals because they know exactly what they are doing. This can save you money in the long run and ensure that your design elements work well together.

Creating the Best Look for the Perfect Room

In conclusion, creating a traditional Mediterranean room doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. There are lots of inexpensive elements that can create the effect that you are going for. Furthermore, there are many different elements that can add to the overall look. Finally, consider the textures that you use. These elements will combine with other design elements to create the ultimate look for your room.


One of the simplest elements that can help you achieve the look that you desire is color. If you are trying to create a more traditional home, then you may wish to stay away from bold and loud colors. On the other hand, lighter colors are often better for more contemporary settings. You will want to use paint in a rich neutral tone. This can make your room appear larger and more spacious than it really is.

Choosing the Right Unique Rug

In addition, remember to select a unique rug for your Mediterranean room. Rugs are among the easiest design elements to incorporate into your room. Once you determine the color scheme, then you can begin to find the right rug for the space. This can be a great way to add a splash of color or to define certain design elements.

If you are not quite ready to purchase a new rug, then you might want to try adding in some pillows. These can help to make your room more inviting. They do not have to be huge or expensive, and they can even help to define certain areas. Even if you have never decorated a traditional home, it can still be easy to create a stunning space. Just keep in mind that you will need to spend some time planning the look so that you do not find yourself in a total mess.

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