Mid Century Modern Bathroom Designs

Heyku.me – Mid-century modern design is an attractive interior aesthetic, and in fact, it is actually worth taking cues from it to bring out a vintage feel to your own bathroom. One of the best things about it is that there are no strict rules to follow like there is with classic modern design. For instance, you need not go for straight, vertical lines as they tend to be the signature of classic modern design. Instead, try going for earthy shades and light fixtures. Go for ceiling lights, globe lights, or domed light fixtures to complete the look.

How to Make a Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

If you want your mid-century modern bathroom to have a more earthy feel, then you can do so by painting one wall in a light or pastel color. You can also get wooden cabinet lighting that is shaped like cylinders, globes or circles. If the light fixture does not have a lot of shades or branches, then you may want to choose ones with cutouts or a lot of glass. You can go for white walls with wood trim as well as a glossy chrome vanity countertop. You may also want to install wooden flooring that is in one of those mid-century modern bathroom styles.

In order to create an inviting and spacious feel to your mid-century modern bathroom, you should also have plenty of natural light coming in through a round mirror or some other kind of window. This helps you get a good view of your back and neck when you wash your face in the bathtub. It also creates an illusion of having a bigger space in your bathroom than what you actually have. Another great thing to have in this kind of bathroom is ceramic tile on the floor. The ceramic tiles are very easy to clean and they also make your room feel warm.

If your home has already inset vanity, then you should consider installing one in your mid-century modern bathroom instead. These sinks will provide a countertop for you to wash your hands in, as well as storage for your personal items in drawers underneath. There are also many other options when it comes to insets these days. For example, you can install a steam cabinet underneath the sink that will help you to easily refresh yourself while bathing. If you prefer not to see the inset sink at all, then you can get a glass wall cabinet instead.

Tips for Bringing a Feminine Feel to a Mid-Century Bathroom

If you want to bring a more feminine feel into your mid-century bathroom, then you should consider using pink. Pink is not only very cute in nature, but it also has a soothing effect that most women find very relaxing. Most people associate pink with baby girls and the more recent trends seem to be moving back to more neutral colors such as taupe, gray, and white. These timeless colors look great in any bathroom, but if you are trying to create a more feminine feel in your home, then consider using some pink.

The last thing that you should consider for your mid-century modern bathroom is incorporating some subway tile into your design. It doesn’t matter what type of subway tile you happen to like; all you really need to do is learn where to buy them. Fortunately, the internet provides you with a wealth of resources to find subway tiles that suit your style. When shopping for subway tile online, you’ll have the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own home and to comparison shop for the best prices. In addition to shopping online, you should also visit local stores that carry tile in your area. Not only will this give you access to a broader selection of subway tiles, it will also allow you to speak with knowledgeable salespeople about the different designs and styles that are available on the market today.

Stylish Lights and Carpet Mid-Century Bathroom Accessories

Other than the color of your walls and the fixtures that you choose for your floor and cabinets, the final touches that you want to incorporate into your mid-century modern bathroom are some stylish lamps and a book rug. A boho rug can go well with any number of other colors, including pastels and greens, so it’s important that you take your time when choosing one. Once you have decided on a rug, the next step is to select a lamp. Lamps today come in a wide range of styles, so finding one that has an interesting geometric pattern or is in a color that goes well with your chosen rug is not difficult.

The final touches that you need to incorporate into your design are some mirrors. In particular, you will want to get mirrors in the shape of flowers and animals that either match or coordinate with your tile and your wall color. For example, if you decide on a color scheme that incorporates light green, then you should get a blue or turquoise mirrored sink. Similarly, if you decide on a white tile and rich stained glass details, you should get a black or silver mirrored vanity.

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