Mother’s Day History – Story and Celebration National’s Woman

Mother’s Day is a reminder the role of a woman in her family, whether as a wife to her husband, mother to her children, and to her social environment. But how is Mother’s day history? Maybe you think this is just a celebration of the national’s women on this day devoted us to give something special for our mother. Apparently, there is some history you should know from this celebration. There are also some interesting festivities that are celebrating in this mother’s day. For more details, we should consider the following things below!

History Of Mother’s Day

Most countries that celebrate Mother’s Day usually celebrating on the second Sunday of May. On this day, it is common for Mom to celebrate with special gifts and attention from family, friends and loved ones. The origins of Mother’s Day go back to the era of ancient Greece and Rome. But actually, the Mother’s Day history are also found in England where on Sunday, Mother’s day is celebrated long before the festival sees light in the US. The celebration of the festival as seen today is the emergence of new phenomena that haven’t been a hundred years. Millions of people around the world regard the day as an opportunity to respect their mother, thanking them for their effort in giving them life, raising them and being their constantly encouraging supporters.

Mother’s Day Spiritual Origin

The tradition of respect for Mothers dates back to ancient times. At this ancient ceremony, it has a strong symbolic and spiritual nuance, because people tend to celebrate goddesses and maternal symbols, not real mothers. This object of worship comes from the mythological female god to the Christian Church. The offerings of a personal family on Mother’s Day are a relatively new phenomenon. Just a few centuries ago, Mother’s Day celebrations were conducted by humans, and only in the last century Mothers Day received commercial nuances.

Early Festival of Mother’s Day

Previously, the festival celebrating the Anatolian Mother Goddess was held with a mystical and weird ritual. So eventually they are forbidden to celebrate. But the more memorable celebration of the Mother Magna Mater and Hilaria day celebrations in Rome involves eating honey cake and sharing flowers to women in the world.

Celebration National’s Woman in Europe

In the 16th century, when ancient Roman religious and cultural traditions in Europe and England turned to the spread of Christianity. Early Christians in England initially used the day to revere the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ and the church where they were baptized, whom they knew as their “Mother’s Church.” This place of worship will be decorated with diamonds, flowers, and etc.

Modern Celebration of Mother’s Day

The United States Congress agreed that Mother’s Day in 1914 was set for the second Sunday in May. The President announces this Mother’s Day every year before it begins. Usually, families in the U.S. celebrate by playing games, going out to dinner, spending a weekend or taking a walk in the park.¬†They also usually give her mother a greeting card on Mother’s Day. Besides that, they also give flowers. Younger kids often give Mom a homemade craft gift. Older children and adults usually give Mom a gift purchased for Mother’s Day. Ok, that’s all a little bit Mother’s Day history that I can share with you.

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