Popular Holiday In the World || Which One is The Best For You?

Do you know what makes people happy after getting they tired of work? The answer is a holiday. We already know there are many types of holiday in this world. But there are some of them who do not know even though it is quite popular. In this occasion, we would like to introduce you to a popular holiday in the world which you must see right now.



We know all people know this holiday. We can say for sure this one is the most popular one in the world. Right now not only Christian people who celebrate Christmas, almost all people will celebrate it. The most popular activity in a Christmas is decorating a Christmas tree. Of course, not only that but also an event called gift exchange. In this event, you will prepare a gift and exchange it with your friends or family. If you are lucky, you will get the amazing gift from it.

Chinese New Year

chinese new year

In the second place, we have Chinese new year. Chinese people really happy if February already comes. Why? Because they will get what is called “Angpao”. If we translate it into English it means red envelope. You will get a lot of money from it. That is why child really happy about it. We can also see a Barongsai. It is an attraction use a Dragon costume and move like dancing people. Not only perform on the stage, you can also see this one on the street.

Day of The Dead

day of the death

You can find this tradition in Mexico. When this day comes, all family in the Mexico gathering inside the house to reminisce the dead of their family member. After they pray, they will begin “Allhallowtide Festival”. The symbol in this festival is a body of a skeleton which decorates with a cloth. Also, some of the Mexican people will visit their family member grave to pray once more.

Cinco De Mayo

cinco de mayo

Celebrated in Mexico. This one comes to commerce the victory of Mexican Army over French Forces at the Bay of Puebla. You can see a parade and dancing along the road. In the end of the festival, they will throw big parties. To make it more perfect, we can see Mexican cuisine and music along the street.



Ancient Hindu festival. When the autumn comes, every people celebrated this event. Not many people know what this celebration for. As we know it is the victory of light over darkness and hope over despair. All people will decorate their own house and put an altar to begin the ritual. For your information, the ritual is different from each country.


That is all the famous holiday around the world. Each holiday has their own uniqueness what makes people anticipate it every year. Now, let us hear your thoughts on this matter. Just write down in the comment section below.

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