Scandinavian House Designs Floor Plans –¬†Scandinavian house designs are simple, functional and often have a minimalist aesthetic. Their minimalist style is ideal for families. They have open and airy interiors, a sense of warmth and connectedness with nature, and are usually single-detach structures. A Scandinavian house can have two or three floors, with the main floor consisting of a living area, kitchen, and bath. The total square footage of the home is about 140 square meters.

Typical Scandinavian House Plans

Typical Scandinavian house plans typically include a kitchen, dining area, living room, and two or three bedrooms. Some of these homes have an expansive terrace and panoramic windows. These homes are typically two-story and require a minimum lot size of 13.5 by 12 meters. Construction costs are expected to be about $60,000, which is comparable to a low-cost American house plan. One-story Scandinavian house plans are also available. These features include a one-story plan that features a spacious terrace and small bedrooms. The main floor is designed to be open and have an interesting layout. The kitchen and living room are both located on the same level.

One of the most popular Scandinavian house plans includes four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The finished built area of the house, excluding the basement, is approximately 3,100 square feet. This home style also lacks large living areas, and is therefore expensive to heat during the cold months. Most Scandinavian houses are frame-constructed, which means the front of the home is usually made up of wooden beams, with wall blocks placed between them. The result is a light facade with alternating wooden beams on either side of the home.

Another popular Scandinavian house plan is the 22573DR, a contemporary four-bed house plan. This Scandinavian design has a two-story design with a covered entryway. The kitchen has a prep island and a pantry and the living room faces the terrace. The main bedroom has a walk-in closet, and the second bedroom features a bathroom on the main floor. The bedrooms are located on the second floor.

Best Scandinavian House Plans

A Scandinavian house plan is characterized by its clean and minimalist design. Its wooden elements make it a modern and functional home. Its three bedrooms and two bathrooms are typically separated by a long wooden terrace. Unlike the other Scandinavian styles, this plan does not include an attached garage. However, it is designed to provide enough space for a detached garage, which is ideal if you have a narrow lot.

The two-story, Scandinavian house plan has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a spacious, open concept living area with a covered entrance and a kitchen with an island. The main bedroom is spacious and has its own bathroom, and the master bedroom has its own private terrace. The home plan has a large roof terrace. It can accommodate two cars. This modern Scandinavian house has a modernized Scandinavian style.

The traditional Scandinavian house plan typically has a living room, kitchen, and dining room. It also has a large terrace. Most Scandinavian homes feature two or three bedrooms and a single bathroom. There are no other features in the home except for the bathroom. Moreover, most Scandinavian houses do not have a garage. The garage is usually located at the back of the property. A small garden will not make a house look more spacious and modern.

Characteristics of Contemporary Scandinavian House Plans

A contemporary Scandinavian house plan is a contemporary design that is influenced by Scandinavian house designs. It has a 2-story, with a covered entryway. It has a modern open concept kitchen with an island. It also has a 4-fixture bathroom. The main bedroom shares the main bathroom with Bed 2, which is located on the second floor. If space is a concern, this modern home plan is an excellent choice.

The traditional Scandinavian house plan has a living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. The exterior is characterized by panoramic windows and large terraces. The Scandinavian style home design is also characterized by weathered wood siding and a neutral color palette. A traditional Scandinavian house plan has a spacious kitchen, which is located at the center of the house. The main floor features a living room, a master suite, and a balcony.

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