Side Effects Of Too Much Protein In Your Body – What Are The Dangers?

Protein is indeed one of the nutrients that can help provide energy in our body. However, do you know the side effects of too much protein? This is what we must understand and know it. Do not think this is a trivial thing, you should also pay attention to it for your health.

The amount of protein that suits the body will be the support for our body’s health. Some food sources containing protein are obtained from meat, eggs, fish, all dairy products, nuts, and various grains. Proteins can also be obtained from vegetable sources such as broccoli, and other vegetables. It also becomes an important part of calorie calculation for our body. However, excessive consumption of protein sources for the body can also pose a risk. What are the side effects of too much protein? Look at the things below, this is some important information you should know.

The Dangers of Consuming Excess Protein

  • Overweight

    Good amount of protein will help the body stay healthy, but if consuming too much protein then it can cause weight increase. In 1 gram protein contains about 4 calories which mean that the number of calories will increase when protein consumption also becomes higher. Because it is necessary to limit the amount of daily protein to fit the needs of the body. It could also be the cause of one of obesity.

  • Osteoporosis

    As a result of a large amount of protein digestion, there is an increase in acid production. Our bodies remove acids with the help of calcium. Along with the time, the amount of calcium in the bone decreases so that causes the bones become weak and porous. Adding calcium can help reduce the side effects of high-protein diets to some extent.

  • Trigger Cancer & Kidney Disease

    Protein is a nutrient that should not be consumed excessively, this is because when someone consumes more protein than needed by the body, then the excess will be converted into sugar and fat. Increased blood sugar levels in addition to triggering diabetes can also feed the pathogenic bacteria, fungi and encourage the growth of cancer cells. In addition, when consuming too much protein, the body must remove more nitrogenous waste products from the blood, it suppressing the kidneys.

  • Causes Dehydration

    Dehydration or lack of fluids can be one of the major health problems for people who consume too much protein. Dangers of excess protein will make the body do more tough work, especially for the construction of body tissues. This is what causes the consumption of protein will make the body needs water in large quantities. High protein consumption without the right amount of mineral water will cause dehydration.

  • Dangerous to the brain

    Excessive protein intake can be harmful to the health of our live, brain and nervous system. When consuming excess protein then the liver will work too hard, so that ammonia and other toxic substances can develop in the bloodstream. This can lead to encephalopathy, a condition characterized by decreased brain and nervous system function.

You already know what the side effects of too much protein, right? Indeed this is a good source of energy, but if you consume it in excess amount this will be very dangerous. To keep you healthy, consume enough and not to exceed the limit. That’s all a few information about the risk of consuming much protein that I can share with you. I hope this is very useful enough 🙂

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