Small Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas and Styles From Modular Furniture Experts – A small eclectic bedroom containing a perfect blend of vintage and modern, small eclectic bedroom ideas can be decorated beautifully. Your furnishings may not all come from the same era or the exact same year but they should still be in the correct scale to each other and to the room. This will create a small cozy homey feel. You can decorate this type of bedroom all by yourself, if you have the good sense to do so, or you can get some help from a local interior designer.

Eclectic Bedroom Ideas Inspiration

You can get inspiration for small eclectic bedroom ideas from boho chic, art Deco, mid-century modern and the art-deco art of the 1950s. The styles may be different but the inspiration is the same. Bold colors like orange, red, yellow, green, blue and turquoise are all very common. Art Deco wall hangings, boho print fabric and jewelry can all be used as accessories and throw pillows.

Small eclectic bedroom ideas also need a few accessories, like lamps, small mirrors, artwork and small knick knacks. An interesting way to combine these accents is to make a unique bed set that is a combination of the small eclectic bedroom ideas plus one more interesting accent; an eclectic collection of art that includes works from local artists. Your unique eclectic sleeping space will have nightstands and cabinets made of different wood and metal. These may be knick knacks or maybe a unique piece of artwork hanging on the wall that represents a love of the region that has inspired the decor.

Boho prints are one of the most popular styles of artwork that is used in small eclectic bedroom ideas. Boho prints consist of small floral designs, stripes, paisley and zebra’s among other cultural influences. You can find both nightstands tables, lamps, chests, bedding sets, bed covers and more to decorate your small bedroom with. A great way to incorporate the body style is to use a beautiful piece of ethnic art in the form of a large artistically painted wall hanging. You could display this mural on the wall as your focal piece in your small bedroom. It would add color and character to the room.

Choose Beautiful Bright Colors

One other idea for small bedroom decorating is to use the bright, vibrant colors of the 1970’s and ’80’s. You can find a huge variety of unique lamps, art Deco wall hangings, posters, pictures and more that use these bold colors. A unique way to combine the bright eclectic bedroom decor with the pastels of the pastel colors is to use pale blue and turquoise colored wall art. This combination of pastel colors is unique and would add a unique flavor to any decor. There are also several different types of bedding sets available in these bold colors. You can find anything from plaid patterns, florals, to stripes and paisley prints with interesting patterns and designs.

A third way to create a bright eclectic bedroom is to add a vintage or boho look to your bedroom. A popular choice among both girls and boys is to decorate with items that are either authentic or reproductions of vintage clothing and accessories. An upholstered bed set made from old leather, fabric or shag would be very funky. Another funky upholstered bed set would be made from a boho fabric with patchwork and a worn leather look. You can find many different kinds of patches and designs in stores dedicated to boho style.

Using Mid Century Modern Furniture

For a small but stylish small room, try using Mid-Century Modern furniture. These styles of furniture come in many shapes and sizes. A great way to combine pieces from different style eras is to use a mirrored closet or a corner mirror. If you don’t have enough room for a full-Mid-Century Modern bedroom, you could purchase one with a mirrored wall and bench and then buy other accessories in that color and style to blend in with the mirror on your Mid-Century Modern nightstand. Some people choose to put a small black dresser on their nightstand, but this is a big mistake because a good pair of black shoes always goes better with black, not white.

Your small but stylish bedroom will be a home from home by using some of the funky and fresh new designs that are available today. Even if you aren’t ready to design your own home from scratch, you can find beautiful small bedroom design ideas and styles from Modular Furniture experts. From beautiful chests of drawers to modern-day storage and organizing tools; you will find many ways to make your small bedroom work for you. Sleep in a treehouse getaway with modern furnishings and small furniture storage. When you take the time to design your small living space you will love every minute of it. If you have and want to send articles to, you can visit this page!

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