Types of Extreme Sports That You Must Try! Check This Out!

Exercise is indeed an activity or exercise that can nourish the body and make our body fit. There are many types of sports that we can do, ranging from mild to even challenging. However, do you know the types of extreme sports and quite challenging that a lot of devotees? Calm down guys, for those of you who like something strain, try the following exercise here!

5 Extreme Sports Which Fun to Do

rock climbing

1.Rock Climbing

It is a sport that demands physical and mental, one of which tests the climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control. This becomes one of the types extreme sports and proper climbing technique knowledge and the use of special climbing equipment is essential for the safe completion of the route. As climbers we have to equip our physical with prime, using proper climbing techniques, and using the appropriate equipment. Due to the variety and variety of rock formations around the world, rock climbing has been separated into several different styles and sub-disciplines.

surfing sport

2. Surfing

Big wave surfing is the most popular extreme sport in the world and is a test of agility as well as time. Discipline in surfing where experienced surfers paddle or move to waves of at least 6m or more. The size of the waves needed to successfully surf varies on a wave as well as the surfer technique used to reach that wave. A bigger, longer board allows the rider to row fast enough to catch the waves and has the advantage of being more stable, but also limiting the maneuverability and speed of surfing.

base jumping

3. Base Jumping

This sport occupies the top position among the most dangerous sports in the world. It was reported that there was 1 death for every 2,317 jumps. Actually, this sport is almost similar to parachuting just a much shorter landing time, thus increasing the risk of failure of developing a parachute when landing. In the BASE Jumping sport, the athlete called Jumper throws himself off one of the BASE structures. The word BASE itself is widely interpreted as Building, Antenna, Span and Earth which refers to the cliff. Before landing, the parachute should be stretched perfectly for the landing to be safe. If the parachute does not stretch perfectly or fail, then the risk is death.

slacklining sport

4. Slacklining

This includes a hobby that is very challenging and demands high concentration. In this sport, the slacklining player is required to walk on a 1-inch webbing rope strap bound to both sides of the stake points. Nylon webbing rope itself is a rope commonly used in rock climbing sport.
Slacklining can be done anywhere. You don’t have to go down a steep cliff or down the ferocity of a waterfall. Simply tie the strings on two sides of the stake points that can be anything around you, for example, tree trunks, flagpoles, and others. Furthermore, you also don’t need to tie the rope too high. So, set a high rope and adjust to your ability.

wingsuit flying

5. Wingsuit Flying

If you want to feel the sensation of flying in the sky, you’ve tried this sport. Wingsuit Flying is an extreme sport by flying the body in the air using a wingsuit. Wingsuit is an artificial wing of a special jumpsuit designed to fly in the air. To be able to enjoy this sport, the pilots must be at a certain height and then jump free and float in the air while spreading the wings like a bird.

So, which types of extreme sports that you wanna try?

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