Victorian Dining Room – How to Turn Your Charming Victorian Dining Room Into a Classy Dining Room – Your Victorian dining room has been transformed by adding new furniture and accents. Your furniture and decorating ideas are a work of art that you will love for many years to come. Your Victorian dining room can be decorated in neutral tones or make it a place of romance with a touch of color or a splash of pattern. You can choose to have your walls in muted neutrals or create an intimate space with rich tones.

Adding New Furniture to The Victorian Dining Room

Adding new furniture to your Victorian dining room is simple, whether you want to add a new dining set or some accent pieces. A chandelier is a great way to bring a sense of elegance to your dining area. The chandeliers that are most beautiful are those that are intricately designed with carvings and crystals. A crystal chandelier hanging above a high vaulted ceiling adds drama to the room while a crystal wall sconce on one of the wall’s upper corners is simple elegance. White lighted by a large chrome sconce and matched crystal chandelier which hung above the elegantly styled antique dining tables.

Another way to change the look of your Victorian dining room is to choose elegant flooring. The flooring can be just one type such as marble, limestone, or wood, but if you want to add depth to the walls then you can choose slate or another stone flooring. If you want to use hardwood flooring such as oak, cherry, maple, birch or mahogany you should keep in mind that these woods take the time to grow and are susceptible to damage from heavy foot traffic. You can still dress up the floors by using elegant flooring accessories such as decorative wall runners and decorative hand rugs.

The Right Accessory for a Victorian Dining Room

To accessorize your Victorian dining room, you might want to purchase a vintage mirror or two or add a vintage chair to your dining room. A reproduction glass vase or old fashioned pewter urn will also add charm to the room. When selecting your furniture, try to purchase items that coordinate with your wall color palette. If you want to use more than one style of Victorian furniture, it is best to purchase vintage pieces that were made at least seventy years ago.

Drapes and Carpets Victorian dining rooms typically had open, damask-covered walls with white or off-white curtains in beautiful patterns. These curtains and carpets were usually draped beautifully but there was usually no other decoration. You can use these drapes and carpets to create an old fashioned yet chic style for your dining rooms. Purchase old fashioned floral arrangements to complete your design.

Vintage Chandelier Victorian Style Dining Room

Vintage Chandeliers Victorian dining areas were decorated with large glass chandeliers. The arms of the chandeliers were covered in rich brass tassels while the base was adorned with crystal birdcages. The chandeliers were usually mounted on a wrought iron stand. The elegantly Victorian style chandeliers are now very collectible. Buy several antique chandeliers to add to your collection.

The Rug Choices for this room’s decor include shag rugs, Oriental or tortoise shell rugs, and Oriental throws. You may also want to purchase a shag rug if you have the space. You should choose a large rug for your dining room that will not become blocked with the surrounding furniture. Choose a solid color for your walls and decorate the walls in moderate tones or pastels. White is always a good choice for your walls. Decorate your dining area with white rugs that coordinate with the Victorian drapes and furniture.

White Wainscoting A charming Victorian dining room would not be complete without white wainscoting. These paneling options add charm and warmth to your dining room. Look for delicate floral designs or bold geometric patterns. If you are going for an antique look, search for old rose wainscoting. This is one of the best ways to create a charming Victorian ambiance in your home.

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