side effects of video games

Side Effects of Video Games || Check The Useful Information Immediately!

Most people especially parents will think a video game is a bad influence on their children. Of course, they are not completely wrong. That is why we want to give you this information about the side effects of video games. But, we do not prohibit you to play a game. Because it depends on the people itself they want to stop or not.

Health Problem

video games health problem

The first time you should know is the health problem. Especially your eyes condition. Also, if you play a game, junk food is the best one if you feel hungry. For people who always keep this pattern, they will become obesity. Of course, it is not good and will destroy your life completely. Last but not least, your eyes will get damage depends on the time you play the game. You must turn on the light and do not play the game near the screen. Also, you need to watch out for your eating pattern.

Crime Acts

Some FPS game and action which show blood and gore in it really affect the children mind. Of course, on the surface they look happy but on the inside their instinct to mimic the character in the game is quite strong. It will lead the children who played FPS game tend to act aggressively. This fact is true, we are sure some of you ever find a kid like that.


If you keep playing the video games, you will never socialize with people. You will trap yourself in a room to play the video games. You do not care about the people around you at all. That is why as the compensation you will never find a true friend. Of course, you can befriend someone, but only the one who has the same hobby as yours. If you do not want this to happen, do not play your game only, go outside and play with your real friends.

Lazy to Do Anything

video games lazy person

The last one, they will lazy to do anything because it is more fun to play a game. It is quite dangerous for little kids. Usually, a kid must do many activities to train their brain and make them more active. If they only play a game, it will affect their lives when they grow up. That is why as a good parent, you must guide your kid carefully.

Final Words

The video games is a dangerous thing if you do not carefully approach it. But, it can become the greatest weapon if you use it right. So, it has advantages and disadvantages. But, it depends on the people itself what they want to become in the future.

Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know About Shadow Fight 3

Do you love playing an RPG game? What game would you choose? We prefer Shadow Fight 3 because it has a great gameplay to play. Besides that, we can also feel like how to be a fighter. Today, we will make a list of things that you should know about this perfect game.

Shadow Fight 3 is really popular it has received millions of downloads in a really short time since its release in earlier 2017. It is impossible because this game is quite new. The reason why it is getting popular in a short time maybe it is because of its brand. Everyone already knows about Shadow Fight 1 and 2. That is why they want to have the third version.

Let us jump to the main topic of things that you should know. To whom who already play this game. We thought you do not need to read this one because you should know about it but you could give one shoot as you might find something new here. Alright, here we go! Check the list below.

  1. Outstanding gameplay, we can do adventure and also fight in this game
  2. Customize our own character
  3. Various armor and equipment
  4. Epic graphics
  5. Multiplayer, we can fight with other players in this game. It is totally different from the first and second version
  6. Beautiful skill effect
  7. Smooth control, it is better than the latest version

That is what we can share with you about Shadow Fight 3. Do not forget to download the game on Play Store or IOS. Do not miss this chance, if you play at this time. You could have a chance to be on the top of the leaderboard as this game is still new. So go take it without any doubts.

After downloading the game, you can also give a try the hack tool. You can learn how to hack Shadow Fight 3.

Starbucks Rewards Code

Starbucks Rewards Code, Learn How to Get It!

Starbucks Rewards Code can be acquired through many promotions. Today, we would like to share one method to get it. Anyway, what will you buy if you have a free voucher? And who will you ask to enjoy the voucher together? Hold on the answer, now we will explain how it works.

Starbucks has been popular for over decades. No one can resist its coffee taste as they are completely great. Everyone goes to this place because they want to enjoy it. However, the price is not really affordable. If we go there every day it will certainly suck out all our money.

That is why many website share rewards code. If we do not get it for free, at least we got a great discount. So we could pay it cheaper.

The worst thing about this code. Almost every site is fake they do not give the real one. Anyway, do not worry about that one as we have found the best solution for this problem. There is a website that shares Starbucks star code. We have tried them for many times and they really send what they offer.

The best part of that website. We do not need to pay with money to get free rewards code. Yeah, you know that we do not know whether is it legal or not. The most important thing, we could enjoy coffee for free but most codes can only be used to reduce the total price, mostly 50 % discount.

Redeeming Starbucks rewards code experience

Our first experience, it is really hard to believe because we never believe anything about free voucher because most of them are fake. After we receive our voucher, we go to Starbucks coffee shop and ask the staff. Luckily, he said that the voucher is valid and we can redeem 2 cups of coffee for free. This is a really great news.

The second day, we tried to generate it again. Then, we open our email and we save the rewards code. We go to another Starbucks coffee shop. Then, we try to redeem it. As the usual, it works without any glitches.

We have no idea how it works. If you really want to give a try. This time is your chance since it still works. One tip from us, do not go at the same coffee shop because you could be in trouble if they know you always buy coffee with rewards code.

Just Buttons

How to Make an Outstanding Custom Button

Do you have difficulties to find a good provider that can make a custom button for you? You are in the right place now. We have a great recommendation for you if you want to create a custom button whether for individual or organization. However, to create an outstanding custom button we must have these following skills.


You should have high creativity if you would like to make it great The higher creativity you have, the best art piece you could present. To get this one, it should be grown on yourself. At least you have a passion for making an art. If you do not have it. It would be hard for you to realize it.


Skills are also important to create a button. If you do not have a single skill on graphic designer then you are not eligible to make it great. To create custom button at least we have to make the design manually then we forward it to the company that able to make it for you.

Update to New Style

Do you know that graphics designing almost changes every time? Even it is really unpredictable, we have to follow market needs, people mind, culture, and much more. We have to update our knowledge every time it changes.

How if I do not Have Those Abilities?

Luckily, we have a great solution for you. You can make your own custom buttons even for every campaign you run. No matter what campaign belongs for as long as you need a custom button that has a high user engagement. You can use the service. Just click on the link before and you will be redirected to a great site with powerful application to realize your custom button. We can also get free shipping if we use them today! Go check out right now.

IGoGam Review

My Honest Review about Cafeland Hack in

I am not a game addict but I really love to play Cafeland. It is a great game to spare your free time. Recently I have just found a Cafeland hack that working 100%. I found it on I would like to share my first experience, why should you use this hack, the unique things between another hack.

Cafeland is really popular in Google Play Store, it has been downloaded by many gamers around the world. The game has a really great gameplay as we would have our own cafe and we have to manage it properly to make a profit. Not only that, we also need to keep our customer satisfaction.

My First Experience

I have my doubt when I want to use this hack because I just thought it was impossible to generate free cash to my account. However, after looking at many proofs from many users. I have a little belief to the tool. I gave a try to use the hack tool by filling the requirements such as username and how much cash am I desired.

I wait for about a min to wait for the hacking process. It was so fast. I have no idea how the owner creates a hack tool that is so fast like that. After the process has done. I check my account immediately. I forgot I could be in banning by using a hack but after I check it. I really receive free cash to my Cafeland account. After a few days, I think I need to share this fortune to lucky people who read this article.

Why Should We Use This Hack?

The reason why we should use this hack tool because it really works as our expectation. You can give a try to use the hack tool and let us see how the tool work. Not only that, this Cafeland has been also used by many people around the world especially to whom who is a Cafeland player. We can see their honest review and comments while we are on the hack page. You can also see my review there.

The Unique Things of This One

Cafeland Hack IGoGam

All I can say, this one is really unique among others. I could not list it one by one but I am going to sort the important thing that you have to know. Feel free to check the list below.

  1. Fast processing time
  2. Easy to use (Really user-friendly hack tool)
  3. Used by thousand players
  4. Been reviewed by Cafeland official

What do you think after looking at my review above? Are you ready to use this Cafeland hack? Do not be eager to use it because you have to know their rule at first. It is very simple, they just suggest us to not use the hack tool more than one a day because it can risk our account. So, feel free to check the hack tool.

top asian food

Top Asian Food Which Can Satisfy Your Hunger || Check the List Right Away!

Asian food is one of the most delicious food in the world. We can say for sure because of the unique taste which its offers. If you have a plan to try one of them, we have a list of the food which can make your stomach starve. Be ready to see all the best food which serves in Asia.

Ma Po Tofu

ma po tofu

For everyone who loves tofu, the best choice without a doubt is this one. The Ma on the name of Ma Po Tofu describes the spiciness in it. Along with the slice of ground beef and onion. This one becomes the favorite dishes in Chuan, China. Especially if there is a festival in that place, the main dish is Ma Po Tofu. There are many varieties of this but the famous is the normal one.



The grilled skewered meat pieces combine with hot sauce peanuts. Of course, the taste will be fantastic. You can find Satay all over Indonesia. We can say for sure this is the most delicious food in that country. What makes it delicious is the peanut sauce which covers the meat. To make it more perfect, you can add a chili sauce and Lontong (Rice Cake).

Dim Sum

dim sum

In Hongkong, Dim Sum is the favorite food for all citizen. Usually, it serves with a bamboo steaming basket to keep the food warm during cold temperature. You can find many varieties of food in Dim Sum. Such as Siomay, Chicken’s Feet, bread and Bak Pao. Actually, each restaurant serves different kinds of Dim Sum.



The special food which offers from the Sakura country, Japan. When the first time you look at the food, it looks like a normal noodle. But, it is not true. What makes it different are this one use the special broth and meaty topping. We can say for sure this is a high-class food. Ramen already acknowledged by many people which become one of the best noodles in the world.



For people who like to watch a Korean Drama must know about this food really well. Actually, it is not really different like usually barbeque which you cook on charcoal grills. The reason why Bulgogi is delicious because of the SSamjang sauce (Special hot chili sauce). The texture of the meat is really soft. Makes everyone easy to eat it.


There is still much food in Asia continent. But, all the food that we tell you above is the best one which you must try right away. Do not forget to prepare a lot of budgets to try this awesome food.

most played pc games

5 Most Played PC Games | You Should Play Them All

Personal Computer or known as PC has become one of the most favorite consoles for gaming. Lots of great games are released exclusively just for PC, even the games from the other consoles like PlayStation or Xbox are available here. From so many games out there, there are some games that people love to play the most. And for that reason, we are here to share you some of the most played PC games until this moment.

World of Warcraft



Although there are so many Massively Multiplayer Online games out there, World of Warcraft is still the people’s favorite. This game is played by so many people because it is really good to play as it counts on our strategy to win battles against the other players. Because of its popularity, this game has adapted into a movie version. That shows how popular this game is. Even it has the latest series entitled Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the card game battle version.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

cs go

Who does not know Counter-Strike? It is one of the legendary PC games that still exists until now. We are sure that no one can deny that a First-Person Shooter game like CS: GO is one of the most exciting and popular game genres, especially on PC. Nowadays, the game has become quite popular in the recent year although a couple of years after it was released, it is not too popular like now. One reason why people loves to play this game is, they love to kick the other players’ butt and they want to compete with the others to become the best.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone is the recent series of Warcraft game and it still uses the same characters, relics, and elements from the previous series. Nowadays, a card battle game has become so popular again since the released of this game. Once, a card game ever becomes so popular although it has lost its popularity in the recent year. And this game appears at the right time where people are missing this kind of game genre. Until now, many players from all over the world are playing this game.



There is no doubt that this game is still popular and still played by so many people. That is why we add Minecraft to our list of the most played PC games. In our opinion, people love to play it because the gameplay is really addicting and we also admit it. Maybe the graphic is not something that we would love the most but, the gameplay is really something. That could be the main reason why people could not leaving this game.

League of Legends

league of legends

This MOBA game has been so popular in the recent year. Even it has surpassed the popularity of DOTA 2 as one of the most successful MOBA game until this moment. Actually, the gameplay is similar to the DOTA 2 as it was inspired by that game. But somehow, it is more popular now. Maybe it is because of the gameplay which is more exciting and challenging. Plus, the characters/heroes in this game are cooler and has better skills than DOTA 2.


5 games above are the most played PC games based on our version. Is there any of it that you play? Hopefully, our article could help you in deciding which game you should play. But remember that a good game is not seen just because it is played by a lot of people or even it is the most played one. It all depends on our taste. Feel free to check out more games.

cafeland game

Cafeland Game – Review The Gameplay and How to Get Free Coins Quickly!

Cafeland is an online and offline cooking game which you can play on your Android, Facebook, or IOS. This game is suitable to play for children and teenager especially girls. If you know other cooking games like Dinner Dash, Cooking Dash, and etc, those games have a similar gameplay. Cafeland game is the latest and exciting game that how to play this is quite easy. Then, while playing this one, you need to collect coins also. Therefore, you must know the gameplay and the quick way how to get free coins in this article. So, keep on reading, guys!

cafeland gameplay

How to Play Cafeland?

Before I tell you how to play Cafeland game, I want to tell you first a glimpse about this game. This game is made to manage the cafe, designing cafe, cooking and serving cafe visitors. Besides that, in this game, you can change or custom the chef also. Then, you need to collect XP in order to rise to the next level.

Actually, this game is quite simple and easy. You have to gather a lot of customers in order to get more coins that will be used to expand the cafe, decorate, buy cooking utensils and cooking. You need to click and drag the menu in order to play. For example, if you want to decorate your cafe, click the menu decoration, then you might choose the material you need for decorating the cafe. In other that, if you want to serve your customers, you have to click the tap or click the people, then there is the request of the customer said. Your customers can give a bad or good comment also if you have a good comment, then you will get coin automatically. For that, don’t let your customers left your cafe because you serve a bad service.

To collect the coins are not easy because you have to complete the mission first. That’s why you need a quick way to collect them easily without spending a much time. Here, I will share it with you, don’t be worry because this is very simple and easy to earn free coins to your account. Let’s take a peek below!

cafeland game trick

How to Get Coins for Free?

Why do you need to collect the coins? Because this is very important guys! You can buy the material for decorating your cafe, change the chef’s characters, and etc. That’s why you have to earn them to your account. You don’t need to finish each level by serving your customers to get the coins. Through click the Cafeland Hack here, your dream will come true! You will get the coins for free, so you are free to custom your chef and renovate your own cafe!

Click the link above and follow the all easy step includes. This is work like a charm, I’m so satisfied with the result at all. You have to prove it by yourself, this is real and true. So don’t be a worry for the result! Hopefully, this article about Cafeland game is very useful for you, guys! Have a tried 😉

how to smooth the rough palms

5 Simple Ways to Smoothen Your Rough Palms!

Do you have a rough palm? For some people would not be confident if their skin palms are rough. Especially when shaking hands with others, surely they feel a little inferior. Therefore, this time I will share some information on how to smooth the rough palms easily. But before knowing how, you must first know the factors that cause your hands to become rough. I will discuss it a bit for you so you know what causes it. Here’s there are!

the causes of rough palms

What factors that cause rough palms?

Friction with hard objects

If you are a hard worker, then it is natural to have a rough palm. The habit of steering without gloves can also be a factor that causes the skin of your palms rough.

Allergic detergent Chemicals in detergent

It is also one of the causes that make our hand’s skin allergic. If you do not match the detergent you use, then your palms will become rough. This usually occurs on sensitive skin. If you have this skin type, you should avoid direct contact with detergent.

Less to drink water

Dehydration can cause dry skin, including the skin of the hand. Dry skin will be susceptible to wrinkles and rough conditions. Therefore, you have much to drink a water.

Then, here the ways how to smooth the rough palms easily. Check below!

natural ways to smoothen your rough palms

Simple Ways to Smoothen Rough Palms

  • Coffee Powder Coffee Scrub

    This method is quite effective as a scrub to remove dead skin cells, including the hardened palms. How to rub a coffee powder that has been mixed with a little water on the palm of the hand, especially on the rough. Allow for 5 minutes for this material to seep into the skin, then rinse with running water. This becomes one of the natural ways to smoothen your hands.

  • Sugar and Honey Sugar

    Those can be used as a scrub for exfoliation of dead skin cells in the palm of the hand. Add a little water for easy treatment. Rub and massage the palms with a mixture of these two ingredients. With regular treatment, the palms become smooth without any calluses.

  • Use Coconut Oil

    This oil is able to smooth the rough skin surface or calluses. Choose coconut oil that does not smell strong. Rub coconut oil on the palm of your hand while massaging it, leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water, without using soap. Let the remaining oil stick to the palm of the hand, because the nutrients in it can smooth the palm of the hand.

  • Use Salt Salt Water

    It’s also a natural way that can be used as a scrub for rough and callous palms. To smooth the palm of the hand, pour salt into a container of warm water. Soak the palms into them, rubbing them for a few minutes. Rinse hands with cold water, use a towel to dry. Apply moisturizing lotion on the palm of the hand, to ease the effects of drought. Perform this treatment at least three times a week.

  • Use Lime

    Lime is often used for skin care. Lime juice water was able to lift dead skin cells on the palm of the hand, thus making the skin smooth again.  This becomes one of the simple ways how to smooth the rough palms easily.

the best adventure offline games

The Best Adventure Offline Games on Android to Play

The Android game category most searched and desirable to play is an Adventure game. This is one genre game that has its own excitement that makes the players really love it. This game category has a long storyline and added a lot of levels, so it can be played continuously without getting bored. Even so, games played in online mode, of course, it will spend a lot of internet quota. This time I will discuss the best adventure offline games on Android that are very recommended to be played by anyone.

You do not need to spend quotas, you can also enjoy the game easily. The following games also become one of the game’s choices that have many selected to play. So what are the games? Look at the following here!

5 Recommended Offline Adventure Games

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer

The Android adventure game without the following internet connection is Subway Surfer. This one game is no stranger to our ears, this game invites you to look for as many coins by running on the train tracks and chased by the police with his dog. This game is a light and exciting adventure game played on Android. You do not need quotas to play it, so you can easily play it anytime.

Temple Run game

Temple Run

The best android adventure game with the best charts is Temple Run. This is an action and adventure game that is almost similar to subway surfers. Similarly, in terms of running for coins and being chased by monsters. It looks so good to make you play this game more and more. This game became one of the best adventure offline games on Android that many teenagers liked.

Limbo game


The other best games with a classic look and 2D. Limbo is an indie game that comes with a creepy and sad storyline. You will be the main character, a young man who goes to the monochromatic world. Your job is to find a lost sister somewhere. With a mysterious, frightening and confusing storyline, making this game into one exciting game that you can play offline on your Android.

punch quest game

Punch Quest

Punch Quest is one of the most popular games, even when this game first appeared on the Play Store. Simple and casual presentations make users feel excited in battles like Metal Slug. Although this game action genre, the adventure in each level make you will not be bored to continue playing and playing. You can also choose a character, jump, hit and do it simultaneously. This game can make players addicted to continue playing it.

baldur's gate game

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

Comes with interesting graphics, Baldur’s Gate II become the favorite an adventure game that seems dear if it’s not on your Android device. This game presents adventure to various parts of the world, allowing you to feel the fight in RPG mode with various evil wizards. In addition, Baldur’s Gate II also uses Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system to make the rules in play very interesting. It becomes one of the best adventure offline games options on Android.