Move On Tips

5 Move On Tips that will Make Our Life Better

Breaking up with our love is surely a heartbreaking moment in life. But, nevertheless, life must still go on. For the people out there in the world that just got dump by their love, here we would like to share some move on tips so you can continue your life instead of plunging deeper into the misery. Now, check out all the tips that we have given below.

Delete Our Ex Photos

Delete Photos of Your Ex

The first step for moving on is to erase everything about him/her. Delete all the beautiful photos of all of our remarkable moment. The photos of our ex-are something that can remind us of the past, the memories while we are with them. We will never want to trigger back those memories because it is such a painful thing.

Get Back To Our Old Behavior

Get Back To Your Old Behavior

A relationship is more or less chained up our freedom. Sometimes our love will prohibit us from doing something that we really love the most. But, when we break up, the chain of prohibition is no longer bind us. We are now free to do whatever we want and whenever it is. As an example, we cannot do our hobby like playing a video game when we are having a relationship but, we can do it again if we have broken up.

Have a Good Mindset

Have a Good Mindset

We know that it is a profound sorrow when we are separated from our love. But, if it is an inevitable fate, we cannot change that no matter how hard we are trying to maintain it. If it has come to break up, we need to have a good mindset. Think that maybe our loved one is not for us and it is not our fate to be with him/her. Just let it go, the true love will come eventually to us.

Hangout With Our Best Friends

Hangout With Your Besties

We are alone now after breaking up with our love. and the better option that we can do during a situation like this is to go out with some of our best friends. Friends will always be there for us whenever we need them. They are the people who will always give us supports whether in happiness or sadness. So, call our friends, ask them to go out together and have fun. Forget all the things that make us sad.

Forgive To Forget

Forgive To Forget

We know that it is very hard to forgive someone who left scars in our heart. But, we cannot be sad for the rest of our lives and crying for the person who has left and abandoned us? If we want to get the way out of the sorrow, we must forgive them. Forgiveness is the cure for all kinds of heartbreaking problem. It will unleash the relieve feeling so our soul will no longer suffer for what has happened to us.


That is all the 5 move on tips that you should try when you have broken up with your beloved one. We are sure that you can move one after following our all of our tips above. And if you have something to ask about this matter, you can ask us by leaving a comment on the box below.

living room designs

The Best Asian Living Room Designs | Check It Out for More Details!

Every people must want to have a good and beautiful living room. Unfortunately, they often confuse to decide which design that they should use. There are so many living room designs that we can take as an example such as the European style, American style, or Asian style. Today, we would like to share one of those styles. And Asian living room designs is the one that we choose because Asian style is really unique and different if we compare with the other living room design. Here, we have categorized it into two types, Japanese and Chinese living room design.

Japanese Living Room Design

The living room design of Japanese people can be said as the most unique in Asia. There are so many things that make them hold the predicate such as the furniture, decoration, and flooring. Below here, we have some examples that you can see.

© Huy Phan Phi Ngu Ngu
© Inneke Putri Kusumawardani


Actually, this living room design is not using too much furniture. It often uses the Japanese traditional furniture such as Kotatsu (a wooden table which covered by a thick blanket and has a heater below it) and Zabuton (a legless chair which has a square and small mattress that is used when sitting on the floor). The other furniture like shelf and sofa sometimes also can be found in this design.


For the decoration, this design often uses some plant such as bonsai or bamboo which placed on the corner of the room. Also, there are some traditional painting that can be used to increase the impression of Japanese style living room.


Japanese living room design often uses Tatami or wooden plank as its flooring material. Tatami is a type of mat which used to cover the floor of the Japanese house. This flooring material can be used almost in every kind of room. But, the living room is the most common room which uses Tatami.

Chinese Living Room Design

Chinese style is the other good example for a good living room. The design is much influenced by the culture of Chinese people. Here are some designs that we have prepared for you as an example. We also give an explanation about the furniture, decoration and the flooring of this living room concept.

© Jessie
© Yisha Wang


The Chinese living room concept often uses the wooden furniture for its chair, table, shelf, and much more. The design of its furniture also looks more artistic than the furniture from the other concept. A screen room divider sometimes used to divide the living room into two sides as well as to beautify the look of the living room.


There are so many decorations that can be used for this concept. The most common one is the Chinese painting like on the first picture above. The other decoration with the Chinese culture touches such as an antique jar, wall lantern, vase, and carpet will make the impression of this concept increasingly felt.


Large tile or carpet which covers the whole floor are the most common materials which used as the flooring ideas. The use of large tile will show the luxury of the living room itself where the carpet will give the sense of comfort and warmth.


Those are the two Asian living room designs that we can share with you. Hopefully, the design above can be useful for you in finding the best design for your living room. And if you want to find more about home design, you can visit Roohome website which we often used as our source in sharing the home design. So, thank you for reading and see you next time.

popular holiday

Popular Holiday In the World || Which One is The Best For You?

Do you know what makes people happy after getting they tired of work? The answer is a holiday. We already know there are many types of holiday in this world. But there are some of them who do not know even though it is quite popular. In this occasion, we would like to introduce you to a popular holiday in the world which you must see right now.



We know all people know this holiday. We can say for sure this one is the most popular one in the world. Right now not only Christian people who celebrate Christmas, almost all people will celebrate it. The most popular activity in a Christmas is decorating a Christmas tree. Of course, not only that but also an event called gift exchange. In this event, you will prepare a gift and exchange it with your friends or family. If you are lucky, you will get the amazing gift from it.

Chinese New Year

chinese new year

In the second place, we have Chinese new year. Chinese people really happy if February already comes. Why? Because they will get what is called “Angpao”. If we translate it into English it means red envelope. You will get a lot of money from it. That is why child really happy about it. We can also see a Barongsai. It is an attraction use a Dragon costume and move like dancing people. Not only perform on the stage, you can also see this one on the street.

Day of The Dead

day of the death

You can find this tradition in Mexico. When this day comes, all family in the Mexico gathering inside the house to reminisce the dead of their family member. After they pray, they will begin “Allhallowtide Festival”. The symbol in this festival is a body of a skeleton which decorates with a cloth. Also, some of the Mexican people will visit their family member grave to pray once more.

Cinco De Mayo

cinco de mayo

Celebrated in Mexico. This one comes to commerce the victory of Mexican Army over French Forces at the Bay of Puebla. You can see a parade and dancing along the road. In the end of the festival, they will throw big parties. To make it more perfect, we can see Mexican cuisine and music along the street.



Ancient Hindu festival. When the autumn comes, every people celebrated this event. Not many people know what this celebration for. As we know it is the victory of light over darkness and hope over despair. All people will decorate their own house and put an altar to begin the ritual. For your information, the ritual is different from each country.


That is all the famous holiday around the world. Each holiday has their own uniqueness what makes people anticipate it every year. Now, let us hear your thoughts on this matter. Just write down in the comment section below.

WWE Supercard Tips || The Best Method to Pass King of the Ring Mode!

One of the famous mode in this game, King of the Ring. So, how is your progress in this mode? Do you have difficulties to progress? If so, we already created WWE Supercard tips to help you. This is a simple one to help you quickly. Are you curious about it? Find the answer right away.

Boost Cards

Do not forget to add this one. It will increase one of your statuses by 15%. Of course, it is random, you cannot choose which one. We think it is better than nothing. Remember, you will not fight common wrestler card. But, you will face the legendary or superstar wrestler. That is why you need to take advantages of boost card if possible.

Support Cards

It is really essential to have this card. This one will increase your character status (all of them) and cover your weakness. For that reason, you need to choose the suitable card to make your wrestler become the champion right away.

Choose the Wrestler Which Have a Lot of Stamina

King of the ring mode is a marathon match. In other words, you will fight all the enemies without rest. So, it is not possible to heal your character stamina. Like we said before, boost card is the key to claim your victory. Also, you can choose the wrestler card which has a high stamina. Some card also has a regen ability which can heal your fighter HP each turn. Be sure to use it if you have.

wwe supercard king of the ring

Use Double Energy Card

For you who do not know, before you enter the match, you can use double energy card which doubles your wrestler stamina. If you have this in your item storage, do not hesitate to use it. This is the right time to make your fighter stronger.

Take it Easy for The First Match

Do not use any support or boost card. For the first match, just take it easy. Use a normal method to beat your opponent. Do not need to worry, the early match not really hard as you think. You will be fine. After you beat one or three opponent, the real fight will begin.

Final Words

There are many modes besides this one. But, the famous one is King of the Ring. Now, you can become the champion with our simple tips. If you need another help regarding this game such as credits, you can use WWE Supercard Hack tool. This is a tool which generates your wishes. If you prepare for the risk, visit this to solve your problem.

tips to become a good teacher

Tips to Become a Good Teacher! Follow Our Directions to Become the Good One!

Become a teacher is not an easy job to do. There are many aspects you need to know before making your dream come true. Here, we already made a list to become a good teacher. For you who have difficulties to teach their students, you can learn all you need to do here. Keep reading this article to find the answer you looking for.

Prepare All The Materials Before the Class

A good teacher always prepares anything they need before the class begins. This is already a usual method that every teacher must do at all cost. Always check what you need to do in the class. You can also read again the material. We as a normal human tendency to forget what we will do even though we remember it. This is the first step to become a good example for your student.

Do not Insult Your Student

We can see clearly as day, teacher nowadays tends to mock their student If they cannot answer the question correctly. Of course, angry to the student is a normal way for every teacher to encourage them in a hard way. But, you cannot insult them. It will make them unmotivated to learn the lesson. If you keep this up, they will never understand your material.

teacher education

Use A High-Technology

In this modern era, high technology already become the part of our life. You can also use this to increase your student motivation to learn. They will feel happy and you also feel the same because they enjoy the study session. Do not think negatively about this, if you use it right, you can get many advantages from it.

Become an Active Teacher

There are many types of teacher. Do not become the one who only explains the lesson and give the student an exercise. It will make them bored and hard to understand. You need to become an active teacher to make your student comfortable in the class. You can open up a Q&A (Question & Answer) session to help the student understand more.  Although it is really simple, it is a great help for them.

Final Words

Now, you already read the 4 great tips to become a good teacher. What you need to right now never give up and keep trying to become a good one. Of course, the process is really long. But, it will bear a fruit later on. If you have another problem, we ready to help you once again.

side effects of video games

Side Effects of Video Games || Check The Useful Information Immediately!

Most people especially parents will think a video game is a bad influence on their children. Of course, they are not completely wrong. That is why we want to give you this information about the side effects of video games. But, we do not prohibit you to play a game. Because it depends on the people itself they want to stop or not.

Health Problem

video games health problem

The first time you should know is the health problem. Especially your eyes condition. Also, if you play a game, junk food is the best one if you feel hungry. For people who always keep this pattern, they will become obesity. Of course, it is not good and will destroy your life completely. Last but not least, your eyes will get damage depends on the time you play the game. You must turn on the light and do not play the game near the screen. Also, you need to watch out for your eating pattern.

Crime Acts

Some FPS game and action which show blood and gore in it really affect the children mind. Of course, on the surface they look happy but on the inside their instinct to mimic the character in the game is quite strong. It will lead the children who played FPS game tend to act aggressively. This fact is true, we are sure some of you ever find a kid like that.


If you keep playing the video games, you will never socialize with people. You will trap yourself in a room to play the video games. You do not care about the people around you at all. That is why as the compensation you will never find a true friend. Of course, you can befriend someone, but only the one who has the same hobby as yours. If you do not want this to happen, do not play your game only, go outside and play with your real friends.

Lazy to Do Anything

video games lazy person

The last one, they will lazy to do anything because it is more fun to play a game. It is quite dangerous for little kids. Usually, a kid must do many activities to train their brain and make them more active. If they only play a game, it will affect their lives when they grow up. That is why as a good parent, you must guide your kid carefully.

Final Words

The video games is a dangerous thing if you do not carefully approach it. But, it can become the greatest weapon if you use it right. So, it has advantages and disadvantages. But, it depends on the people itself what they want to become in the future.

Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know About Shadow Fight 3

Do you love playing an RPG game? What game would you choose? We prefer Shadow Fight 3 because it has a great gameplay to play. Besides that, we can also feel like how to be a fighter. Today, we will make a list of things that you should know about this perfect game.

Shadow Fight 3 is really popular it has received millions of downloads in a really short time since its release in earlier 2017. It is impossible because this game is quite new. The reason why it is getting popular in a short time maybe it is because of its brand. Everyone already knows about Shadow Fight 1 and 2. That is why they want to have the third version.

Let us jump to the main topic of things that you should know. To whom who already play this game. We thought you do not need to read this one because you should know about it but you could give one shoot as you might find something new here. Alright, here we go! Check the list below.

  1. Outstanding gameplay, we can do adventure and also fight in this game
  2. Customize our own character
  3. Various armor and equipment
  4. Epic graphics
  5. Multiplayer, we can fight with other players in this game. It is totally different from the first and second version
  6. Beautiful skill effect
  7. Smooth control, it is better than the latest version

That is what we can share with you about Shadow Fight 3. Do not forget to download the game on Play Store or IOS. Do not miss this chance, if you play at this time. You could have a chance to be on the top of the leaderboard as this game is still new. So go take it without any doubts.

After downloading the game, you can also give a try the hack tool. You can learn how to hack Shadow Fight 3.

Starbucks Rewards Code

Starbucks Rewards Code, Learn How to Get It!

Starbucks Rewards Code can be acquired through many promotions. Today, we would like to share one method to get it. Anyway, what will you buy if you have a free voucher? And who will you ask to enjoy the voucher together? Hold on the answer, now we will explain how it works.

Starbucks has been popular for over decades. No one can resist its coffee taste as they are completely great. Everyone goes to this place because they want to enjoy it. However, the price is not really affordable. If we go there every day it will certainly suck out all our money.

That is why many website share rewards code. If we do not get it for free, at least we got a great discount. So we could pay it cheaper.

The worst thing about this code. Almost every site is fake they do not give the real one. Anyway, do not worry about that one as we have found the best solution for this problem. There is a website that shares Starbucks star code. We have tried them for many times and they really send what they offer.

The best part of that website. We do not need to pay with money to get free rewards code. Yeah, you know that we do not know whether is it legal or not. The most important thing, we could enjoy coffee for free but most codes can only be used to reduce the total price, mostly 50 % discount.

Redeeming Starbucks rewards code experience

Our first experience, it is really hard to believe because we never believe anything about free voucher because most of them are fake. After we receive our voucher, we go to Starbucks coffee shop and ask the staff. Luckily, he said that the voucher is valid and we can redeem 2 cups of coffee for free. This is a really great news.

The second day, we tried to generate it again. Then, we open our email and we save the rewards code. We go to another Starbucks coffee shop. Then, we try to redeem it. As the usual, it works without any glitches.

We have no idea how it works. If you really want to give a try. This time is your chance since it still works. One tip from us, do not go at the same coffee shop because you could be in trouble if they know you always buy coffee with rewards code.

Just Buttons

How to Make an Outstanding Custom Button

Do you have difficulties to find a good provider that can make a custom button for you? You are in the right place now. We have a great recommendation for you if you want to create a custom button whether for individual or organization. However, to create an outstanding custom button we must have these following skills.


You should have high creativity if you would like to make it great The higher creativity you have, the best art piece you could present. To get this one, it should be grown on yourself. At least you have a passion for making an art. If you do not have it. It would be hard for you to realize it.


Skills are also important to create a button. If you do not have a single skill on graphic designer then you are not eligible to make it great. To create custom button at least we have to make the design manually then we forward it to the company that able to make it for you.

Update to New Style

Do you know that graphics designing almost changes every time? Even it is really unpredictable, we have to follow market needs, people mind, culture, and much more. We have to update our knowledge every time it changes.

How if I do not Have Those Abilities?

Luckily, we have a great solution for you. You can make your own custom buttons even for every campaign you run. No matter what campaign belongs for as long as you need a custom button that has a high user engagement. You can use the service. Just click on the link before and you will be redirected to a great site with powerful application to realize your custom button. We can also get free shipping if we use them today! Go check out right now.

IGoGam Review

My Honest Review about Cafeland Hack in

I am not a game addict but I really love to play Cafeland. It is a great game to spare your free time. Recently I have just found a Cafeland hack that working 100%. I found it on I would like to share my first experience, why should you use this hack, the unique things between another hack.

Cafeland is really popular in Google Play Store, it has been downloaded by many gamers around the world. The game has a really great gameplay as we would have our own cafe and we have to manage it properly to make a profit. Not only that, we also need to keep our customer satisfaction.

My First Experience

I have my doubt when I want to use this hack because I just thought it was impossible to generate free cash to my account. However, after looking at many proofs from many users. I have a little belief to the tool. I gave a try to use the hack tool by filling the requirements such as username and how much cash am I desired.

I wait for about a min to wait for the hacking process. It was so fast. I have no idea how the owner creates a hack tool that is so fast like that. After the process has done. I check my account immediately. I forgot I could be in banning by using a hack but after I check it. I really receive free cash to my Cafeland account. After a few days, I think I need to share this fortune to lucky people who read this article.

Why Should We Use This Hack?

The reason why we should use this hack tool because it really works as our expectation. You can give a try to use the hack tool and let us see how the tool work. Not only that, this Cafeland has been also used by many people around the world especially to whom who is a Cafeland player. We can see their honest review and comments while we are on the hack page. You can also see my review there.

The Unique Things of This One

Cafeland Hack IGoGam

All I can say, this one is really unique among others. I could not list it one by one but I am going to sort the important thing that you have to know. Feel free to check the list below.

  1. Fast processing time
  2. Easy to use (Really user-friendly hack tool)
  3. Used by thousand players
  4. Been reviewed by Cafeland official

What do you think after looking at my review above? Are you ready to use this Cafeland hack? Do not be eager to use it because you have to know their rule at first. It is very simple, they just suggest us to not use the hack tool more than one a day because it can risk our account. So, feel free to check the hack tool.