Tips to be Calm in a Stressful Situation || Find out the Best Method Here!

When we are in the stressful situation we cannot do anymore except to think negative about something. All human can do anything outrageous if they are in the stressful state. If you do not manage to control it you will not know what will happen to yourself. Here, we have the great tips to be calm in a stressful situation. For you who always feel like that, this is the right time to cure it immediately.

Analyze the Situation

Find out the reason why you are in a stressful situation. Remember all of the things happen for a reason. We are sure there is a reason why you feel stress in the first place. If you can find the causes, think calmly how to solve your problem. Analyze the situation carefully and do not use your emotion. If you use your emotion, you already fail to control yourself from the stress.

Stop Your Activity Right Away

If you feel stress, discontinue your activity right away. Do not insist to do it because the result will not end in a good one especially when you work. Just rest for a while. This simple act can cure you for sure. We can guarantee it guys. After a while, your body will feel refresh again and you can continue your activity again.

Calm Yourself

It is really dangerous when people in the stressful state, they will do anything which makes them better. Sometimes they can also hurt someone in the process. If you ever do like that, just calm yourself. Take a deep breath to refresh your brain to think calmly. If you have the will, you can do it without any problem at all.

act calm

Try to Clear it

If you know what makes you become a stressful person, just try to solve it. We know it is quite hard but this is the only best method to make your stress go away. The one who dares to face their own problem can move forward in their life without any hesitation. If you want to become like that, you must try it.

Final Words

Now, you already know the information what you need to do when you feel stress. We know we make it sound so simple but it is not true at all. In the end, it depends on the person itself. If they want to change, of course, they must do it at all cost. VIsit Heyku again if you need a great one like this.

tips to get a job

Tips to Get a Job that We Want Quickly | Check It Out Here Immediately!

Getting a job is not easy nowadays. The main problem is that there are a lot of people competing to get a good job which suitable for them. On the other side, the number of jobs available is not equal to the number of job seeker itself. That is why it is hard to get a job that we want. So, if you have a trouble to get a job, we have some tips to get a job that may help you.

Do not Apply Only to One Company

apply on some companies

When applying for a job, many people are just sending their CV to one company at a time. Actually, it is not effective at all. So, if we want to get a job quickly, we need to apply and send our CV to some companies. Maybe around three or five companies is enough. So, we have a better chance to get a job and of course, it will take a shorter time because when we got rejected by one company, we can leave our faith on the others.

Do not Just Look at High Salary

All people must agree that when we are looking for a job, it is not only suitable for us but also give a high salary. Who does not want to get a high salary? Of course, all people want it. But, this is the other reason why it is hard for us to get a job. As we know, the higher the salary, the more requirements that must be met. Also, our duty will not be easy as well. So, it would not be easy to get that job especially for a fresh graduate or the people who do not have a lot of experience. Then, just do not look a job just on how much salary that we will obtain. Just remember that a salary would be increased as long as we do our job well.

Look on the Job Seeker Sites

Rather than you look for a job from the newspaper or leaflets, it would be better if we look it on the job seeker sites. If we look it in the newspaper, we never know if the job is already filled or not. Moreover, we have to send our CV to the address that has been given. But, if we look at the job seeker, we can find a lot of job in one place and we do not have to send the CV manually. We just need to write it on the computer and send it by e-mail. It is much easier and faster.

Ask Someone that We Know

ask someone that we know

The last one can be said as the best and fastest way to get a job. If we have some friends working in certain companies and the company is opening a job vacancy for the position that we want, we can ask for their help to recommend us to the company. By doing this way, we will have a greater chance to be accepted and of course, it would be faster than the other ways. As we know that a prospective employee which recommended by the internal person of a company often prioritized by the company itself. That is why we said that this way is really great and you have to try it.


So now, let us prepare our CV and try all of our tips to get a job above one by one. Let us see which one of our tips which work better. And if you have got your job, please do not forget to share your experience because it might help the others to follow your step.

Move On Tips

5 Move On Tips that will Make Our Life Better

Breaking up with our love is surely a heartbreaking moment in life. But, nevertheless, life must still go on. For the people out there in the world that just got dump by their love, here we would like to share some move on tips so you can continue your life instead of plunging deeper into the misery. Now, check out all the tips that we have given below.

Delete Our Ex Photos

Delete Photos of Your Ex

The first step for moving on is to erase everything about him/her. Delete all the beautiful photos of all of our remarkable moment. The photos of our ex-are something that can remind us of the past, the memories while we are with them. We will never want to trigger back those memories because it is such a painful thing.

Get Back To Our Old Behavior

Get Back To Your Old Behavior

A relationship is more or less chained up our freedom. Sometimes our love will prohibit us from doing something that we really love the most. But, when we break up, the chain of prohibition is no longer bind us. We are now free to do whatever we want and whenever it is. As an example, we cannot do our hobby like playing a video game when we are having a relationship but, we can do it again if we have broken up.

Have a Good Mindset

Have a Good Mindset

We know that it is a profound sorrow when we are separated from our love. But, if it is an inevitable fate, we cannot change that no matter how hard we are trying to maintain it. If it has come to break up, we need to have a good mindset. Think that maybe our loved one is not for us and it is not our fate to be with him/her. Just let it go, the true love will come eventually to us.

Hangout With Our Best Friends

Hangout With Your Besties

We are alone now after breaking up with our love. and the better option that we can do during a situation like this is to go out with some of our best friends. Friends will always be there for us whenever we need them. They are the people who will always give us supports whether in happiness or sadness. So, call our friends, ask them to go out together and have fun. Forget all the things that make us sad.

Forgive To Forget

Forgive To Forget

We know that it is very hard to forgive someone who left scars in our heart. But, we cannot be sad for the rest of our lives and crying for the person who has left and abandoned us? If we want to get the way out of the sorrow, we must forgive them. Forgiveness is the cure for all kinds of heartbreaking problem. It will unleash the relieve feeling so our soul will no longer suffer for what has happened to us.


That is all the 5 move on tips that you should try when you have broken up with your beloved one. We are sure that you can move one after following our all of our tips above. And if you have something to ask about this matter, you can ask us by leaving a comment on the box below.

tips to become a good teacher

Tips to Become a Good Teacher! Follow Our Directions to Become the Good One!

Become a teacher is not an easy job to do. There are many aspects you need to know before making your dream come true. Here, we already made a list to become a good teacher. For you who have difficulties to teach their students, you can learn all you need to do here. Keep reading this article to find the answer you looking for.

Prepare All The Materials Before the Class

A good teacher always prepares anything they need before the class begins. This is already a usual method that every teacher must do at all cost. Always check what you need to do in the class. You can also read again the material. We as a normal human tendency to forget what we will do even though we remember it. This is the first step to become a good example for your student.

Do not Insult Your Student

We can see clearly as day, teacher nowadays tends to mock their student If they cannot answer the question correctly. Of course, angry to the student is a normal way for every teacher to encourage them in a hard way. But, you cannot insult them. It will make them unmotivated to learn the lesson. If you keep this up, they will never understand your material.

teacher education

Use A High-Technology

In this modern era, high technology already become the part of our life. You can also use this to increase your student motivation to learn. They will feel happy and you also feel the same because they enjoy the study session. Do not think negatively about this, if you use it right, you can get many advantages from it.

Become an Active Teacher

There are many types of teacher. Do not become the one who only explains the lesson and give the student an exercise. It will make them bored and hard to understand. You need to become an active teacher to make your student comfortable in the class. You can open up a Q&A (Question & Answer) session to help the student understand more.  Although it is really simple, it is a great help for them.

Final Words

Now, you already read the 4 great tips to become a good teacher. What you need to right now never give up and keep trying to become a good one. Of course, the process is really long. But, it will bear a fruit later on. If you have another problem, we ready to help you once again.

how to smooth the rough palms

5 Simple Ways to Smoothen Your Rough Palms!

Do you have a rough palm? For some people would not be confident if their skin palms are rough. Especially when shaking hands with others, surely they feel a little inferior. Therefore, this time I will share some information on how to smooth the rough palms easily. But before knowing how, you must first know the factors that cause your hands to become rough. I will discuss it a bit for you so you know what causes it. Here’s there are!

the causes of rough palms

What factors that cause rough palms?

Friction with hard objects

If you are a hard worker, then it is natural to have a rough palm. The habit of steering without gloves can also be a factor that causes the skin of your palms rough.

Allergic detergent Chemicals in detergent

It is also one of the causes that make our hand’s skin allergic. If you do not match the detergent you use, then your palms will become rough. This usually occurs on sensitive skin. If you have this skin type, you should avoid direct contact with detergent.

Less to drink water

Dehydration can cause dry skin, including the skin of the hand. Dry skin will be susceptible to wrinkles and rough conditions. Therefore, you have much to drink a water.

Then, here the ways how to smooth the rough palms easily. Check below!

natural ways to smoothen your rough palms

Simple Ways to Smoothen Rough Palms

  • Coffee Powder Coffee Scrub

    This method is quite effective as a scrub to remove dead skin cells, including the hardened palms. How to rub a coffee powder that has been mixed with a little water on the palm of the hand, especially on the rough. Allow for 5 minutes for this material to seep into the skin, then rinse with running water. This becomes one of the natural ways to smoothen your hands.

  • Sugar and Honey Sugar

    Those can be used as a scrub for exfoliation of dead skin cells in the palm of the hand. Add a little water for easy treatment. Rub and massage the palms with a mixture of these two ingredients. With regular treatment, the palms become smooth without any calluses.

  • Use Coconut Oil

    This oil is able to smooth the rough skin surface or calluses. Choose coconut oil that does not smell strong. Rub coconut oil on the palm of your hand while massaging it, leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water, without using soap. Let the remaining oil stick to the palm of the hand, because the nutrients in it can smooth the palm of the hand.

  • Use Salt Salt Water

    It’s also a natural way that can be used as a scrub for rough and callous palms. To smooth the palm of the hand, pour salt into a container of warm water. Soak the palms into them, rubbing them for a few minutes. Rinse hands with cold water, use a towel to dry. Apply moisturizing lotion on the palm of the hand, to ease the effects of drought. Perform this treatment at least three times a week.

  • Use Lime

    Lime is often used for skin care. Lime juice water was able to lift dead skin cells on the palm of the hand, thus making the skin smooth again.  This becomes one of the simple ways how to smooth the rough palms easily.

the best ways to straighten your hair naturally

Quick and Simple Ways to Straighten Your Hair

Having long hair is a dream for every woman, especially if the hair is healthy and shiny. Then, do you know the ways to straighten your hair easily and quickly? If you only know, to do it with rebounding, there is another way you can do. Natural ingredients, yeah, these have been proven to be very safe and the results are also not disappointing. Although it is not instant, if you can do it regularly, surely you will get satisfactory results.

With natural ingredients that you used to make your hair straight, it is guaranteed that your scalp or hair will not be damaged compared to rebond your hair. In addition, the tips to straighten hair in a natural way also won’t spend much your money. You can save the cost to the salon by doing a natural treatment that the results are the same. Then, what are some natural ingredients that can be used to make your hair straight? Scroll down the button now!

5 natural ways to straighten hair

How to Straighten Your Hair?

There are 5 natural ingredients which you can use to straighten your hair. What are they? Let’s see these!

  • Olive oil

This type of oil is famous among chefs or some of you. But other than that this type of oil is beneficial for health, one for the skin and hair. If you use on your hair regularly, believe it your hair will straight naturally. This oil also very easy to get because of it available in mini market or pharmacy.

  • Eggs and Milk

These are a good mixing of natural ingredients that are quite effective as a hair treatment. Both of these ingredients have a variety of nutritional content that can maintain a healthy scalp and straighten hair naturally.
Eggs and milk have a high protein content so that on direct use, especially on a white egg, by doing massage also, it can be absorbed by hair fibers for the nutrients. Regular use will give shape to the hair because the protein from the hair is enough, so it’s easy to be combed to be straight.

  • Aloe vera gel

We know that aloe vera is a good natural ingredient for beauty treatments ranging from face to hair. This is because aloe vera has a very high keratin and collagen content that can strengthen the hair. In addition, aloe vera is able to make the scalp become stronger in holding the roots of hair so that hair is not easy to fall out. The trick is very easy just by rubbing the gel onto your scalp and let stand a few minutes, then rinse. Do this regularly to keep your hair straight and beautiful.
  • Yogurt and white egg

With a variety of goodness of nutrients obtained from yogurt and white eggs, the use of these two ingredients has a weakness in terms of time. If we want to immediately get straight hair, we can’t use this way because in this way must be done patiently and regularly. But, both of these natural ingredients can be used as a natural hair mask. The way by mixing the two ingredients, then apply to your hair then let stand a few minutes and rinse. This is good natural ways to straighten your hair easily.

  • Soy oil

In straightening the hair of soybean oil is used directly by greasing evenly. The content in soybean oil will give a hard taste so that the hair is able to maintain the position in a long time. In the regular use of the hair will get used so easy to set the hair straight.

Let’s use those natural ingredients above as the best ways to straighten your hair naturally!

how to overcome your fear of heights

Altitude Phobia – How to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Phobia of altitude, also called acrophobia, this is an excessive fear of altitude. The fear that sufferers suffer from altitude phobia can trigger excessive anxiety, panic, stress and some other symptoms.
A person suffering from this phobia will usually avoid activities associated with high places. If they are in a high place, they will feel anxious and frightened. Therefore, you should know tips how to overcome your fear of heights for yourself.

This irrational fear can be both beneficial and detrimental. The benefit is, if we are fear, this is prevent us from doing things that can be harmful. But people who have altitude phobia will experience a sense of extreme panic or anxiety. Phobia altitude can be cured with therapy, but before that let us know some of the causes of the phobia of this height below.

Causes of Altitude Phobia

You should know that many different factors can trigger the occurrence of phobia at altitude. What are the causes of acrophobia, including:
  • A traumatic event

Most phobias at altitude occur because of past traumatic factors of the sufferer. Perhaps the previous sufferer had fallen from the high ground and left a tremendous pain and hard to forget.
  • False beliefs

False beliefs occur because a person often confirms that high places will always be dangerous. Yet not forever confidence like that is true. Being in a high position or not, if not careful would be dangerous. Therefore the wrong understanding will actually make us misunderstandings.

  • False Parenting Patterns

It is possible that Phobia sufferers to height were formerly cared for by parents who always frightened him about the high ground. The purpose of parents is to keep the child from playing on high ground, but it turns out wrong way of delivery will affect the psychological condition of children in the future

how to cure altitude phobia

How to Fight Your Fear of Heights

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy with desensitization techniques can be an option to overcome fear. This therapy is done by exposing the patient to a condition that makes him feel afraid and anxious gradually. The patient is then directed to be more calm and taught how to deal with these fears. Therapy like this is considered effective to reduce anxiety when the patient is in real condition. This is also one of the best way how to overcome your fear of heights.

Familiarize yourself with fear

After the therapy, the patient must still train themselves to overcome his fears while in a situation that makes him anxious related phobia experienced. Slowly this can help you to tackle the ketik at altitude.

Reframing therapy

Phobia sufferers are told to imagine back to the past where the beginning of the sufferer can experience altitude phobia. As he reminisced, motivate himself that in fact everyone can experience like him but managed to get out of his fears. Motivation is done repeatedly will nurture confidence as well as arouse courage back.

Virtual therapy

This therapy uses the help of computer technology to visualize something feared by phobic sufferers through the creation of a reality-like environment. Some studies show, this way more effective to reduce and reduce anxiety experienced by alpha phobia sufferers.

Hopefully, you already know some therapy how to overcome your fear of heights from this article!

how to choose the right high heels

How to Choose the Right High Heels Which Comfortable to Wear for You!

As a woman, a physical appearance or an attractive looking manner is very necessary. This is one of the factors that can support our beauty. Starting from clothes, makeup, to high heels that we use must be appropriate. Do not get you wrong in choosing high-heels for your everyday appearance.
In addition, the importance of choosing the right high-heel is also very good for our feet. For those of you who do not know how to choose the right high-heels so comfortable to wear, you can see some of the following. I will give you some important tips that you must know before choosing or buying high-heels. Check this out below!

guid women's heels

5 Tips How to Choose High Heels

High high heels

Maybe you are one of the women who have a tiny body, therefore you decide to buy high heels that are too high to be more interesting. This problem often happens when choosing high heels. Because you should not choose high heels that are more than 6 cm in height. The size of the right that is too high to make your body feel more tired when walking other than the right of more than 6 cm more at risk to fall while using it. Therefore, before you buy it, you should know how to choose the right high heels for you.

Shoe surface

The other important thing that should be the benchmark how to choose the right high heels shoes that when viewed from the surface. High wide and wide heeled surfaces will be more comfortable to walk. Choose a comfortable heel is a must to make your appearance perfect. Don’t choose a tight one to avoid a chafed on your feet.

Material of High heels

In terms of comfort, of course, high heels of soft material will be more comfortable when used. Do not choose high heels that are too heavy because it makes you feel tired quickly when walking or uses it in a long time. Then avoid a rough material for your heels also.

Right position

Tips on choosing the women’s high heels next you need to pay attention to the position of the right. When going to buy try first and note whether the right position is in the heel or too advanced. Do not choose high heels that are too far because it can make you difficult to maintain balance and certainly will slip easily.

High heel size

It is definitely the most important thing when choosing high heels shoes in addition to the model’s size. Do not choose shoes that are too loose because it can cause you easy to fall, do not also choose the size of small shoes that do not scratch when using it. Make sure high heel shoes feel fit in the foot so comfortable to walk.
In order to keep performing optimally using high heels, do not ignore tips on choosing high heels above. Because of not only appearance but also needed comfort and security when using high heels.

So, before you buying high-heels, please note those tips how to choose the right high heels above. You have prominent your comfort while wearing high heels. Hopefully, those guide to women’s heels that I share with you is very useful for you.

homemade fruit facial masks

Homemade Fruit Facial Masks – 5 Fresh Fruit Selection

Getting a healthy, naturally healthy skin is everyone’s dream. In addition to the use of a cream that contains many chemical ingredients, now you can use fresh fruit as a face mask. There are several fruits that you can use for a homemade fruit facial masks. To avoid the dangerous things, now with natural ingredients like fruit can make your skin become healthy and moist.

However, not all the fruit that you can make a face mask. Before you make it, you must know the content of vitamins or peculiar property that exist in fruit. This is very important for the health of your face, so when wearing it, you get a satisfactory result. Look at some types of fresh fruit that you can make a face mask and know the benefits as well. Check this out!

5 Homemade Fresh Fruit Mask For Face

1. Papaya
papaya mask

Papaya fruit contains papain enzymes that can lift dead skin cells and help the skin to regenerate faster so that new cell growth will be faster. Therefore, it is very useful for beauty and health of your face. How to make this papaya mask itself is very easy that first, we must prepare papaya fruit to taste then blend until smooth, add a little honey for maximum results. After that, then apply on facial skin evenly and let stand for 20 minutes. Only then rinsed using clean water or it can be wiped with a towel that has been dipped in warm water.

2. Avocado

avocado mask

Avocado can be made as a face mask for facial beauty treatments. Using avocado as a face mask, can smooth your skin and also can overcome the dullness of the facial skin. So this avocado can be made as a fruit to make for homemade fruit facial masks. The trick is easy, that we prepare some avocado then puree using a blender. After that, apply on the face evenly and let stand for 20 minutes and the new can be rinsed.

3. Bengkoang

bengkoang mask

Bengkoang is a fruity that has been known since long ago has amazing benefits for skin beauty. Even some cosmetic manufacturers use bengkoang as a mixture of their products. Well, this bengkoang we can make a mask to whiten the face and how to make it very easy. The vitamins contained in this fruit can help brighten your face.

4. Tomatoes and Cucumbers

tomato and cucumber mask

Mixed tomatoes and cucumbers are a perfect combination to remove various facial skin problems. The content of vitamins A and C in tomatoes and cucumbers can make our skin becomes brighter and healthier. How to make homemade fruit facial masks is easy enough, first puree tomato using a blender and cucumber shredded only. Then after that mix the two ingredients and stir until evenly and then applied to the face as a mask. Let stand for 20 minutes then just after it rinsed using clean water, attention to avoid the eye area.

5. Lime

lime mask

The content of vitamin C in lime is very beneficial for skin beauty such as a whitening face, tighten skin, shrink pores and eliminate black spots. Well, this time we will discuss how to make homemade fruit facial masks from a lemon to whiten the face. First, we prepare some lemon and then squeeze and take the water, then after that add a spoon of honey and a spoon of olive oil. After the ingredients are mixed then apply on the skin evenly and leave for 30 minutes. After that just rinsed using clean water.

how to reduce cell phone radiation

How To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation? 5 Ways To Be Followed!

There is a risk of mobile phone radiation which very dangerous for yourself. Therefore, you should know tips how to reduce cell phone radiation that can attack us. This time I will share a little information about this to you. Nowadays, most of the people are using HP in their activities.

Especially for people who like to phone up for hours, this can cause negative effects. FR wave generated from cell phone radiation can cause various diseases in the body such as cancer, brain tumor and kidney and heart failure. Today there are many cases of people who are slowly dying because of the disease that comes from FR waves. It will certainly affect your body health. So here I will give tips how to reduce cell phone radiation special for you! So, you will do the right things to avoid it.

5 Ways To Reduce Risk of Mobile Phone Radiation

  • Switch off a Mobile Phone

    The effective way to reduce a radiation from your mobile phone is you can switch off your phone. This can also be done when want to sleep and when we are doing activities that require a high concentration.

  • Using the Headset

    For those of you who often to use HP for phone, use a headset to keep your ear health. This is also the best way to reduce radiation emissions that work when you call. Because the headset function itself can prevent direct phone radiation to the brain tissue.

  • Use Flight Mode on HP

    Most mobile phone or modern smartphones provide flight mode feature to disable network signals, either incoming or outgoing. It can also be utilized to reduce HP radiation when we sleep and are not using mobile networks, such as watching offline videos, listening to music and activities on HP that do not require networking.

  • Turn on the speakers

    Wearing the speakers when calling or receiving calls will reduce the energy or danger level of radiation. Likewise, the farther you are from the HP antenna, the lower the radiation level. The headset cable on HP can also transmit a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation to the mobile phone user. Therefore it is wise to wear a headset cable. You may enable a loudspeaker feature when you communicating, this can reduce a direct radiation. In order to sound when the tone is not heard, you must set the volume on your phone. This is one of the best ways to make your ear keep healthy and avoid free radical.

  • Using Anti-Radiation Case

    Using a special casing to prevent the occurrence of radiation. This is the best solution for you. The trick is just by replacing your phone casing. Phones that use the casing have many benefits to ward off free radicals.

So, let’s follow and apply those tips how to reduce cell phone radiation above. You can avoid any harmful effects of the radiation in your mobile phone by applying the ways. Keep yourself healthy and hopefully, that information to avoid a risk of using handphone above is very useful for you! Good luck 😉